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Business Learning Communities
Business Learning Communities
Business Learning Communities
Business Learning Communities
Business Learning Communities
Business Learning Communities

Learning Communities


The College of Business Administration (COBA) wants to provide you will as many opportunities and advantages to help you succeed. For students majoring in business during their first-year, the Business Learning Community is an experience that allows you to get connected and enhance your first-year on campus. The community is designed to help you connect with peers, faculty, staff and business practitioners. Additionally, there are opportunities to participate in workshops, guest speakers, business visits and professional networking opportunities.

Students who are involved with the Business Learning Community have more than a 10 percent higher success rate in their university studies. Students in the community are able to get connected, and receive academic and social support during their first-year on campus.

Students living on campus are encouraged to select Prentice Hall as your first choice for on-campus housing. Prentice Hall is located in New Front, the heart of campus. Living in Prentice Hall provides you the opportunity to live with other business students who share similar academic coursework and similar interests. A definite advantage is having academic business advisors on-site for academic support and required advising appointments. Plus, special events and programming are tailored specifically to meet your needs as a College of Business Administration student.

Commuters and Honors College students living in honors housing are also welcome to join. Students who are not living in Prentice Hall have access to the on-site academic advising, academic support and all the programs that occur throughout the year

The Business Learning Community is open to students who live on campus (Prentice Hall), honors students living in honors housing and those who commute.


Cohorts place students into smaller groups based on their classes.  There are six different types of cohorts to choose from:


Accelerated Bachelor of Business Administration

This cohort is a great fit for students that plan to earn your Bachelor of Business Administration degree (B.B.A.) in three years or less depending on a number of factors including the amount and nature of post-secondary work, advanced placement and College Level Examination Program work completed in high school. If you aren’t interested in graduating in three years, this community also welcomes advanced students who are committed to achieving high academic success and investing in their professional growth.

Community of Entrepreneurs (ACE)

This cohort allows you to connect and get to know other students who share an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.  You will learn about the entrepreneurship mindset whether or not you start your own business.

Accounting Freshman Interest Group (AFIG)

This cohort will provide you with early insight into the accounting as a major, as well as career opportunities in the accounting field. You will benefit from immediate contact with accounting faculty and participation in co-curricular accounting activities that connect you with professionals in the field.

 Aspiring Marketers

A new cohort in fall 2015!  Through this community you will be involved with multiple aspects of marketing.  Connect with other marketing students and marketing organizations (American Marketing Association (AMA) and Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE)), as well as marketing alumni and professional speakers.  Students majoring in marketing, managerial marketing, or who are undecided and thinking about marketing are encouraged to join.

College of Business Colleagues (CBC)

All business majors are welcome in this cohort.  You will have the opportunity to interact regularly with business faculty, academic advisors and other business students.  The career-focused programming, mentoring opportunities and more will help you gain experience and understanding of the business field.

International Business Community (IBUS)

In this cohort, you will learn the importance of operating in globally diverse environments and explore the opportunities of international learning experiences.  You can broaden your horizon and connect with other Kent State students from around the world.


You must be an admitted first-year student and be majoring in Business.  To join a learning community complete one of the following actions:

  • Select Prentice Hall and the Business First Year Experience on your housing application. If you have already completed and submitted your housing application and want to make changes, you may login to your application through the housing website prior to July 1.
  • If you are a commuter student and are not completing a housing application for fall, please email Amy Calapa at indicating your interest in joining the learning community.  An application will be emailed for you to complete.
  • APPLY DURING DESTINATION KENT STATE and alert your academic advisor that you would like to participate in learning community.
After July 1 only students who have selected Prentice Hall on their housing application will be eligible to join (with exception to Honors College students living in Stopher or Johnson Halls or commuters).



Learning communities and interest groups provide an outstanding opportunity for you to make a meaningful connection with your major early in your academic experience. Benefits include:

  • Reserved seating for high-demand courses during the first two years of your academic career
  • On-site access to personalized, individual attention from academic advisors in Prentice Hall
  • Tutoring and supplemental instruction held in Prentice Hall
  • Professional development including network-building, career guidance, and mentoring from business professionals, faculty and staff
  • Opportunities to connect and develop relationships with other students who share similar interests

  • Participation in learning community events offered throughout the year.
  • Residing in Prentice Hall for the 2015-2016 academic year, unless you are a commuter or honor student residing in Stopher or Johnson Hall. This includes following the rules established by the Department of Residence Services and respecting the community in Prentice Hall whether you are a resident or guest.


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact:
Amy Calapa
Academic Advisor II

Undergraduate Programs Office
107 Business Administration Building
P.O. Box 5190 Kent, Ohio 44242-0001