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Cold Hors d' Oeurves

Cold Hors d'Oeuvres (price per hundred pieces)

Delicate pastry cups filled with egg, tuna, and chicken salad $125.00
with crab salad

Deviled Eggs $75.00

Cucumber Rounds with Chicken Salad or Salmon Mousse  $100.00

Shrimp $150.00

Crab Claws $225.00

Fruit Kebabs (in season) $175.00

Chocolate Covered Strawberries (in season) $150.00

Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs (in season) $120.00

Strawberries stuffed with Whipped Cream or Cream Cheese (in season) $100.00

Chocolate Covered Pineapple $110.00

Shrimp Crostini $110.00

Bruschetta $100.00

Three-Cheese Crostini $110.00

Fig and Goat Cheese Flatbread $170.00

Three-Olive Crostini $120.00

Tenderloin Crostini $125.00


Other Reception Options

Vegetables with Dips $1.50/person

Tortilla Chips with Jalapeño Dips or Salsa $2.50/person

Pumpernickel Loaf with Spinach Dip $15.00 each

Cheese Shapes and Crackers $4.75/person

Deluxe Cheese Display $5.00/person

Cubed Cheese & Crackers $2.25/person

Cubed Fresh Fruit (in season) $2.25/person

Cheeseball and Crackers $30.00 each

Humus (regular, spicy, & roasted pepper) with Pita Chips $4.00/person

Tabuli with Pita Chips $3.75/per person

Fresh Fruit Floral Basket $85.00 each

Chips $7.00/pound $0.99/ individual bag

French Onion or Dill Dip $5.00/pint

Pretzels $7.40/pound $0.99/ individual bag

Assorted Snack Bags $0.99/ individual bag

Peanuts $7.60/pound

Mixed Nuts $14.00/pound

"Sweet Bites" Desserts $15.00/doz

Cupcakes $12.00/doz

Mini Cupcakes (Chocolate, White, Lemon, and Red Velvet) $4.95/doz

Mini Gourmet Cupcakes (Key Lime Coconut, Chocolate Raspberry Ganache, Pumpkin Creme, and Boston Creme Pie) $9.00/doz