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Learning Strategies


active learning

Best For
: Learning vocabulary, processes, and providing repetition
Procedure: Write/draw a process that your professor went over in class

Use your notes and book to outline the entire processes. Use key vocabulary terms in the diagram, but on a separate page, be sure to have a vocabulary key, explaining each term

Point to the different steps in the processes and talk your way through it aloud. Be sure to check in your book or notes regarding any questions or confusing areas. Repeat until you think you have it down and can explain it fluidly

Erase 4-5 of the terms randomly, then take a 5-10 minute break. When you return, see if you  can point to each blank and recall what was there and explain why it goes there

test anxiety


  1. Mental: thoughts and worries about tests
  2. Physical: bodily sensations and tensions
  • Nicaise defined test anxiety as an individual’s physiological, cognitive, and behavioral responses that stimulate negative feelings about an evaluation.
  • Suinn defined test anxiety as “an inability to think or remember, a feeling of tension, and difficulty in reading and comprehending simple sentences or directions on an examination.”


Check with your professor to find out if there are any academic support services available
Check at the Academic Success Center to see if there is extra help for your course
Check the Supplemental Instruction website to see if SI is offered for your course.
You may download documents from the website and email the SI leaders even if your exact section is not supported by SI