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Advising and Academic Services

Academic Responsibilities

Academic advising is one of the most important services you will receive at Kent State University. The relationships you build with your Academic Services advisor and with your faculty advisor are essential in helping you navigate the university's academic system and requirements as well as learn about yourself and your goals as a student.

Office of Advising and Academic Services Advisor Responsibilities
Help students explore possible majors
Help students examine academic goals, values and talents and link to possible majors
Prepare requirement checks
Evaluate transfer credit
Review KAPS reports with students Interpret college policies and procedures
Provide support services for students on academic probation
Make appropriate referrals for campus resources including tutoring services
Develop class schedules for upcoming semesters
Help students process necessary paperwork
Aid students in applying for graduation
Aid students in understanding the Catalog, the Schedule of Classes Booklet and curriculum requirements
Provide instruction for registration activities Inform students of semester and yearly deadlines

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities
Help student in planning each semester's schedule
Evaluate transfer credit in the student's major, minor or Kent Core classes required by number
Discuss academic and career goals pertinent to the student's major
Provide information regarding the student's field of study, including career information Aid in the development of internships
Suggest appropriate substitution or waivers in curriculum when necessary

Student Responsibilities
Prepare appropriately for advising appointments
Read pertinent sections of the Catalog Process necessary paperwork
Apply for graduation by the deadline Meet regularly with faculty advisor
Develop appropriate academic goals, including major declaration, semester scheduling, graduation date
Semester scheduling
Apply for controlled classes by the deadline
Understand curriculum requirements and plan accordingly for sequential courses in major and minor
Understand prerequisite requirements and plan accordingly
Monitor the academic calendar and meet all deadlines
Start a file for all paperwork you receive from the university and save everything that is given to you
Seek advising when needed and accept responsibility for accomplishing your academic goals

Student Preparations for Advising Appointments
In order to receive the support and guidance you need from an advising appointment, it is extremely important that you prepare in advance. Some suggestions for the steps you might take in preparation for meeting with an advisor are listed below:

Develop a sense of what you need to accomplish in your advising appointment. Remember, you can see an advisor more than once each semester, so you don't need to accomplish everything in one meeting.

Develop a list of questions that will help you accomplish your goals for the appointment.

READ. Before meeting with your advisor, read the section of the Catalog that pertains to your college (College of the Arts), school, and major. If you have scheduling questions, review the Registrar's web site, including registration deadlines.

If semester scheduling is what you want to accomplish, develop a list of classes you want to take for the next semester incorporating necessary prerequisites. This may make it necessary to plan more than one semester at a time.

Meet with your advisor early in the semester. The closer you are to registration or the end of the semester, the harder it is to get an appointment with your advisor.

Leave time to get on the controlled class sign up lists. This activity occurs early in the semester and you may need to see an advisor for assistance in course selection.

Keep your appointment. If you must cancel, do it promptly and courteously.