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MA Course Descriptions


This course emphasizes study of the history and philosophy of art education within the context of social, economic, political, psychological, and cognitive dimensions. Curriculum foci include ideas of mainstream and hiddenstream art educators and scholars who have shaped practice in the field of art education, and educational values and beliefs of the past and present.

Society and the future are shaped by what is taught to the youth. The importance of what is taught has to do with why and how it is taught. Comprehending the underpinnings for instruction of the past will build a better understanding of current thinking about the purpose, function and value of art education in public schooling. The art education field is shaped by rules and conventions that have evolved over the last few centuries, and it continues to change.

To be most effective, class sessions should function as a cooperative exchange between instructor and students. Success will depend on a willing contribution by all participants and a full effort made in producing quality work.

ARTE 61291: Seminar in Art Education II

This Course will be conducted as a seminar with responsibility for learning and sharing learning to be the students’. Some of my objectives for you are:

Students will understand that many issues and problems are inherent in any discipline. Point of view is culturally, contextually and historically based. Many points of view exist.

Students will understand that individual experts will often disagree about ideas and methods. They will know the issues in controversy and be able to explain the controversies.

Students will understand that as society changes, new ideas, methods, and materials are needed to meet cultural and student needs.

Students will learn that as teachers they are choice makers. They must think through the critical ideas and questions that will continue to come to them through reading and through formal and informal educational situations.

Students will critically think about, discuss, question others about, and write about contemporary issues in the field of art education. They will discover these issues through extensive reading and through classroom interaction.

Students will gain an understanding of the breadth of intellectual and practical issues currently discussed and written about in the field of art education and about the implications of these for today’s students.

ARTE 61298: Master's Project

This course is required of students in the non-thesis track master’s program in art education. The primary goals of the course instruction and study will be to: cover alternative research formats to thesis writing through an investigation of various model examples; to define the role of researcher for this project; to use existing literature to inform research of a project; conduct a data analysis of a project; to develop an authentic project; and to plan for a presentation of the outcomes.

Writing Expectations: Preparation of a proposal for the project, preparation of drafts, and a final submission (journal article or book chapter, term paper, critical essay, grant proposal, action research project, etc.)

By the completion of the course, students will have defined their research problem; have a substantial amount completed on the literature review; and started the initial inquiry and data collection.