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Kent Blossom Art Admissions

Kent Blossom Art 2012, Sam Hoffmann and Chuck Hindes

How to Apply

Click the "On-Line Blossom 2014 Application" on the right hand side of this page. Fill out the required information. There is a place to attach your portfolio within the on-line application. Once submitted, applications and portfolios will be reviewed by the resident faculty member. Students will receive an email concerning their status prior to the Blossom workshop dates. If accepted, students will be enrolled for Blossom by the School, they will not be responsible for enrolling for the course themselves. Any questions regarding the application process can be directed to Alyssa Pryor.

Application Deadlines

Painting, Sculpture, Glass: Deadline Passed

Print: Deadline Passed

Ceramics: Apply by Friday, May 23, 2014


To register for Kent Blossom Art, you must be enrolled at Kent State as a regular or transient student. To receive graduate credit, you need to have been admitted to graduate study for the summer. Please check with the appropriate resident faculty member if you have questions about your status or eligibility.

Fees and Tuition

Tuition costs for each workshop are $1341 for 3 resident undergraduate credits, and $1425 for 3 resident graduate credits. *Fees are subject to change by the action of the University Board of Trustees. In addition, students must pay School of Art course fee for art materials of $22.00 per credit hour for Fine Arts and $25.00 per credit hour for Crafts. Applicants will be notified immediately of any changes or additional costs.

  • Partial or full scholarships/fee waivers will be awarded based on (merit) portfolio review. All applications will be reviewed for scholarships.
  • The non-Ohio resident fee of $1086 (for undergraduate students) and $1026 (for graduate students) may be waived if you are taking only Blossom workshops this summer. However, if you are enrolled in coursework other than Blossom workshops, the additional non-Ohio resident fee is applicable for all credit coursework and credit workshops.
  • Please check with the financial aid office before you apply for Blossom to make sure that your tuition will be covered. Financial Aid office

Workshop Information

  • Students who choose to live in University facilities are required to make their own arrangements and should contact Residence Services in Korb Hall, Telephone (330) 672-7000. For a two week period, Eastway dorms are $28 per day (a total of $392 for two weeks).
  • Meal tickets for use in campus cafeterias may be purchased at the KSU Student Center. "Through the Line" meal plans are $28 per day (a total of $392 for two weeks). Students on this meal plan can eat on the second floor of the Student Center for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Students may purchase on-campus parking permits at the Michael Schwartz Center from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm., Mon. through Fri. Summer parking passes are $20/day ($280 for two weeks).
  • Other lodging/ food options are available. The prices listed above are the least expensive options. For more information, please call the phone numbers listed above.

Guidelines for submission of portfolios

Unless a faculty member has waived your portfolio requirement - please upload a portfolio of 15 different works (you will be prompted to do so on the "On-Line Blossom 2014 Application"). For some works, you may wish to provide additional images to show detail(s) but no more than 20 images in the finished portfolio. Portfolio must be submitted as a single, multi-page PDF document. Maximium image size is 1024 pixels on the long dimension.
An easy way to build the PDF document is to make a Keynote or Powerpoint slideshow and then use the “Export” command to save the slideshow as a PDF. Maximum file size of PDF is 10MB.

Each slide should have the following information: 1. FIRST AND LAST NAME 2. Title of Work 3. Materials 4. Course 5. Instructor.

Click HERE to download a portfolio example in PDF Form and click HERE to download a pre-formatted Powerpoint portfolio template.  If you need technical assistance creating your PDF, contact Tom Mahon at
Alyssa Pryor
Administrative Clerk
Phone: 330-672-1352

Kent Blossom Art
c/o Alyssa Pryor
School of Art
Kent State University
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, OH 44242

Apply Now:

On-Line Blossom 2014 Application