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Questions to ask yourself and discuss with colleagues:
  • For what purposes do you use assessment? (grades, diagnosis, motivation, evaluation of instruction, communicating expectations, planning instruction)
  • What types of assessment methods do you use? (tests, quizzes, performance assessment, oral questioning, assignments, student peer ratings, self-ratings
    • In what proportion do you use these assessments?
    • What kinds of performance do you assess? (recall, analysis, comparison, inference, evaluation)
    • Do you assess students’ dispositions as well as achievement? (motivation, interest, maturity, study skills) Formally or informally?
  • What criteria do you use to select an assessment? (results fit purpose, method matches instruction, ease of development, ease of use, ease of scoring, origin of assessment, time required, degree of objectivity, thinking skills tapped, effective control of cheating)
  • How would you judge the quality of your assessment for giving you the information you need about students’ achievement?
  • How do you give feedback to students about their performance? (written, oral, grades, informal)
  • How do you view the role of teacher? (knowledge presenter, facilitator of student-constructed learning)  How do you view the role of student? (cooperative, competitive)  How much of students’ failure or success do you attribute to the student?  To the teacher?
  • How do you view the characteristics of the students in you class(es)? (ability, work habits, maturity, social skills, willingness to perform, need for feedback, self-assessment skills, sense of fairness, reaction to testing/assessment, expectations of the teacher)

For more information go to:
Faculty Professional Development Center