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Annual KSU- Oxfam Social Issues Banquet

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The Third Annual Oxfam Social Issues Banquet on Wednesday, November 7, 2012 from 11:30 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. in the Kent Student Center Ballroom. This year’s banquet theme, “Communities that need…Hands that feed,” is a reflection of the challenges brought on by today’s economy and is a testament of KSU’s sustained commitment to the community.  

Guests of the Oxfam Social Issues Banquet will have an opportunity to participate in:

 1)     A meet and greet down Nonprofit Alley.  Visiting guests can “Make a Commitment to Learn Something and Do Something” to support local organizations.

2)     A hunger simulation meal designed to heighten awareness regarding the distribution of food across socioeconomic classes.

3)     An engaging panel discussion with nonprofit representatives and recipients of hunger relief services.

4)     A recognition ceremony in which student organizations and faculty members will present certificates of commitment to serve local organizations.

The Oxfam Social Issues Banquet is an opportunity to meet a number of important institutional objectives: (1) demonstrate the significance of KSU partnerships and outreach; (2) showcase community organizations and their efforts in addressing social problems; (3) serve as a platform for facilitating faculty and student engaged experiential learning opportunities with local organizations in need of skilled support; and (4) recognize faculty and professional organizations who have made or will be presenting our nonprofit partners with certificates of engagement commitment.

This event is free and open to the public. Comfortable attire recommended as floor seating may be required.

Contact Dr. Tina L. Kandakai, Director of the OEECE at (330) 672-7876 for more information.


Campus Kitchen Open House

Join us in the Campus Kitchen at Kent State University to learn more about our work and our outreach program to those in need in our local community. At the Open House, meet our leadership team, help us prepare a meal, sample our great cuisine and learn why we have prepared more than 4,000 meals since our opening on February 27, 2011. To find out more about who we are and what we do visit our website at The kitchen is located on the 2nd floor of Beall Hall. Come in the main door that faces the Eastway complex and follow the signs.


Oxfam Social Issues Banquet 2011 Program Evaluation


Administration (Adm) = 2 

  • The experiential concept of poverty (Adm)


Community Partners (CP) = 8  

  • The economic class meal discussion - cool idea even though I only got rice! (CP)
  • The voices of the students (CP)
  • The thought provoking questions posed by Dr. Garrison (CP)
  • All the opportunities for local involvement (CP)
  • Visual of social classes (CP)
  • The slide - hunger stats (CP)
  • Cleveland church program (CP)
  • Informal discussion groups during meal - great exchange of ideas (CP)
  • The direct relationship of food poverty in action (CP)
  • The political nature of greed (20% using 80% of resources) (CP)


Faculty (F) = 6

  • I liked the variety in the panels (F)
  • The solutions that are sustainable economically (F)
  • The class structure concept (F)
  • Panel discussion around campus and community involvement (F)


Students (S) = 22   

  • I knew that poverty is a large issue, but I wasn't aware of the specific statistics. This was very informative (S)
  • The 40% poverty level (S)
  • 6 out of 50 poorest cities in Ohio (S)
  • The meal separation/ "class" separation was very eye-opening (S)
  • The descriptions of each person that made conversations (S)
  • Hearing personal stories of how people in our community are affected (S)
  • The overall idea and structure of the event (S)
  • Statistics  of Kent itself (S)
  • Availability of resources I didn't know about (S)
  • Socio-economic factors surrounding poverty/hunger (S)
  • How many people in poverty in the USA, especially in Ohio (S)
  • I was intrigued by the things professors and agencies are doing to help (S)
  • I was amazed at how much empathy the Kent community has (S)
  • I found the posed questions questions very stimulating and inspiring (S)
  • The # of agencies in the area that support the community (S)
  • The statistics of poverty in Kent (S)
  • I was intrigued at the collection of guests (S)
  • I was happy to see this available on campus (S)
  • The panel was very informative (S)
  • The amount of opportunities available to help the community (S)