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Continuum: Engaged Community Development

Engaged Community Development

Student learning using a combination of engaged service-scholarship, faculty, and community working together to develop, implement, and sustain locally controlled initiatives.

Community Based Advocacy

A teaching and learning strategy using research results to create public dialogue across the community that leads to a planned process for social or economic change.

Example: A series of child abandonment cases has left the local community in outrage. Students in a Psychology course developed assessment tools to gather information from local social service agencies and community members to explore factors influencing the problem. After gathering and assessing the data, students found a direct link between abandonment and distance to school. Children who walked more than five blocks to school more likely experience abandonment. As a result, students collaborated with social service agencies, community members, and the school district to advocate for a strategy to address the problem.

Community Development

A teaching and learning strategy using research results and the concept of self-reliance as foundations to promote the development and implementation of effective long-term community solutions.

Example: A community is concerned about increasing levels of violence within the schools and community. Based upon research findings and input from community members, faculty and students from the Center on Conflict Management developed community-based train-the-trainer violence prevention program for parents, teachers, and students. The faculty, in collaboration with students, school administration, and community members prepare and submit a $250,000 grant to address the violence. The funds will be used to develop on-site training centers on dispute resolution and violence prevention. The collaborative outcome provides a sustainable option that promotes self-reliance and overall community well-being.