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Speech Pathology and Audiology (SPA)

10001 Auditory Comprehension: Skills and Strategies (2)
Introduction to models and listening and their applicability to college lecture situations. Misconceptions, barriers, self-evaluation concepts, memory techniques, and note-taking strategies are included. Prerequisite: none.

10002 Introduction to Communication Disorders (2)
An introduction to speech-language and audiology. Etiologies and manifestations of disorders of the speech, language and hearing process. Prerequisite: none.

20202 Voice, Articulation and Phonetics (3)
Personal improvement course for the development of voice, articulation and pronunciation through study of structures of speech mechanism with intensive drills and practice. Prerequisite: none.

33101 Hearing Science (3)
Acoustics, psychoacoustics, bioacoustics, anatomy and physiology of the ear. Prerequisite: none.

34102 Applied Phonetics (3)
Basic principles of speech production and phonetic transcriptions of English with the International Phonetic Alphabet; emphasis on General American Dialect. Prerequisite: none.

34103 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech (3)
Functional anatomy and physiology of the respiratory, phonatory, articulatory and neural systems as they are used in speech production by talkers with normal and abnormal speech. Prerequisite: none.

34104 Speech and Language Development (3)
Normal development and linguistic analysis of language systems including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. Prerequisites: SPA 34102 or ENG 31001; and special approval.

34105 Phonemic Bases of Speech and Language (3)
Fundamental processes related to production and perception of spoken language, with parallels to writing and reading; particular application to normal and hearing-impaired children and adolescents. For nonmajors only. Prerequisite: none.

34106 Articulatory and Phonological Disorders (3)
Assessment and remediation of disorders of articulation and phonology. Prerequisites: SPA 34102 and 34104.

34107 Language Disorders in Children and Adolescents (3)
Introduction to assessment and intervention procedures associated with language disorders in children and adolescents. Prerequisites: SPA 34104.

40104 Communication Disorders in Children and Adolescence (3)
Orientation to etiologies and remediation of communication disorders found in pediatric and adolescent populations. Prerequisite: Not open to majors in speech pathology and audiology (SPA).

43300 Speech of the Hearing Impaired (3)
Basic principles, variables and techniques for understanding, evaluating and improving expressive communication of hearing impaired individuals. Prerequisites: SPA 33101 and 34102 (speech pathology majors); or 34105 and 43600 (education majors).

43402 Audiometry (3)
Measurement of human hearing by pure-tone and speech audiometry; evaluation of middle ear function by immittance audiometry; screening techniques; pathologies of the conductive and sensorineural systems. Prerequisite: SPA 33101 with a grade of C (2.0) or better and special approval.

43404 Aural Rehabilitation (3)
Basic principles, variables and techniques for understanding, evaluating and improving receptive communication of hearing-impaired individuals. Prerequisites: SPA 33101 and 34102 and 43402 (speech pathology and audiology majors); or 43600 (education of hearing impaired majors).

43492 Clinical Preparation in Audiology (2)
Laboratory exercises and practical experiences in audiometric procedures, test interpretation, counseling and management of the hearing-impaired. Prerequisite: Special approval. Corequisite: SPA 43402.

43506 Special Issues in Audiology (3)
Readings and discussion of classic and current research on the evaluation of hearing disorders. Prerequisite: SPA 43402.

43600 Fundamentals of Educational Audiology (3)
Auditory development and function/dysfunction; auditory assessment and family counseling; selection and fitting of personal and classroom amplification; care and maintenance of amplification systems; collaboration of professionals in audiology and education; communication approaches according to varying levels of hearing loss; classroom environments conducive to auditory and academic learning. Prerequisite: junior standing.

44096 Independent Study: Speech Pathology and Audiology (2-6)
Readings and/or research on problems approved by chairman of department in consultation with student’s advisor and project director. IP grade permissible. Prerequisite: senior standing and speech pathology and audiology (SPA) major and special approval.

44110 Speech Science (3)
Consideration of physiological and acoustic characteristics of normal speech production and perception with implications for speech and hearing disorders. Prerequisites: SPA 34102 and 34106.

44111 Neural Processes (3)
Anatomy and physiology of the nervous system underlying human neuromotor movements. Topics include: definition and fundamental concepts, afferent and effert systems, cortical anatomy and function, cranial nerves, theories of brain function and neural maturation and learning. Prerequisite: SPA 34103 or special approval of the instructor.

44112 Age-Related Changes in Communication (3)
Nonpathological age-related changes in speech, language and voice. Topics include: structural changes in orofacial, laryngeal and respiratory mechanism; sequelae for speech, language and voice in the elderly; effects of age on swallowing; facilitating conversational interactions with elderly individuals. Prerequisite: none.

44130 Communication Disorders of the Aging (2)
Hearing, speech and language disorders in geriatric population. Symptoms, causes and treatment: normal changes in hearing, language and speech accompanying aging process. Prerequisite: senior standing. Majors: senior standing.

44310 Clinical Procedures (3)
Examination of evaluative and therapeutic procedures used with communicatively impaired children and adults. Prerequisite: SPA 34103 or 34106.

44492 Clinical Preparation in Speech-Language Pathology (2)
Fundamental evaluation and management procedures of individuals with communication disorders, including supervised observation. Corequisite: SPA 44310. This course may be used to satisfy the writing-intensive requirement with approval of major department.