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Managerial Marketing (MMTG)

35011 Marketing Tools (3)
Topics include the analytical, financial, statistical, communications, and decision-making skills and development of the technical competencies needed to succeed as a marketing professional in small-sized firms. Prerequisites: MIS 24053 and MKTG 25010 and managerial marketing (MMTG) majors.This course may be used to satisfy the writing-intensive requirement with approval of major department.

35021 Research for Marketing Decisions (3)
Focuses on the effective collection, organization, evaluation and use of data pertaining to marketing decision making. Data analysis, interpretation and presentation methods suited for a small-sized firm are emphasized. Prerequisites: MMTG 35011.

35023 Customer Analysis (3)
Addresses the methods marketers use to appraise the value of customer groups. Segmentation, target marketing, selected theories of consumer and buyer behavior, and database organization and analysis methods are covered. Prerequisites: MMTG 35011.

35024 Hands-on Technology Enhancement Laboratory (1)
Laboratory designed to expand student’s abilities with spreadsheets, statistical packages and presentation software. Prerequisites: minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA; and MIS 24053 or COMT 11000; and MKTG 25010 or BMRT 21050; and managerial marketing (MMTG) major.

35026 Decision-Making Skill Enhancement Laboratory (1)
Laboratory designed to expand students’ data interpretation, decision-making and creative problem-solving skills. Prerequisites: MMTG 35011.

45020 Competitive Market Analysis (3)
Focuses on establishing and maintaining competitive positions in markets through product and pricing strategies driven by industry and competitive analysis. Methods for assessing market potential and forecasting are explored. Prerequisites: MMTG 35021 and 35023.

45026 Personal Selling Methods and Practices Laboratory (1)
Laboratory provides an overview of selling methods and practices. Students will engage in one-on-one role playing and other simulated selling scenarios. Prerequisites: MMTG 35021 and 35023.

45030 Channel Management (3)
Addresses the management of suppliers and customers related to the buying and selling of goods and services. Topics include channel relationships and functions, distribution, cost management, exporting and negotiations. Prerequisites: MMTG 35021 and 35023.

45039 Promotion Management (3)
Covers the promotional tools and their role in communicating with customers. Emphasis is on the selection, budgeting and implementation of promotional tools for smaller-sized enterprises. Prerequisites: MMTG 45020 and 45030.

45040 Integrated Marketing Strategy (3)
This is the capstone course for managerial marketing majors. Emphasis is on the integration of marketing concepts and decision-making methods and skills to derive sound marketing decisions. Prerequisite: MKTG 45020.