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Graduate Higher Education Administration and Student Personnel (HIED)

The prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. The prerequisite for courses 70000 and higher is doctoral standing. Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

66492/76492 Internship in Higher Education Administration (3-6)
Field-based internship requiring a separate project as designated by the program area faculty. Specific topics are outlined and shared at meetings prior to beginning internship.

66521/76521 Employment Law (3)
Study of public and private sector bargaining law and all terms and conditions of employment. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE) or Educational Administration-Higher Education (EDHE).

66594/76594 Internship in College Teaching (3)
Application of course and lesson planning; instructional and evaluation skills under faculty supervision; lecturing, guiding group performance and evaluating performances. Arrangements made on individual basis. IP permissible.  Prerequisite: At least 12 hours in higher education.

66595/76595 Special Topics in Higher Education Administration (3)
Specialized offerings in response to emerging or selected program needs.

66596/76596 Individual Investigation in Higher Education Administration (2-4)

Projects as assigned. Prerequisite: special approval.

66598/76598 Research in Higher Education Administration (2-4)
Projects as assigned. Prerequisite: special approval.

66600/76600 History of Higher Education (3)
(Cross listed: CULT 69567/79567) Overview and exploration of history of higher education in the United States. Survey course covers ancient and medieval European antecedents, but focuses largely on American higher education from the seventeenth through the 20th century. Students explore changes in student body, curricula and purposes of higher education in the U.S. in the context of American culture.

66601/76601 Private Liberal Arts College (3)
Explores a unique type of institution in American higher education, the private liberal arts college. Identifies common themes and challenges across institutions, as well as the nature of specific examples of institutions. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE) or Educational Administration-Higher Education (EDHE).

66650/76650 Organization and Administration of Higher Education (3)
Provides students with an understanding of organization and structure of institutions of higher education. Content includes study of academic administration and academic advising.

66651/76651 Student Affairs Functions in Higher Education (3)

Study of the history, philosophy, practices and organization of student affairs functions in higher education.

66652/76652 Law and Higher Education (3)
Provides for the examination of major legal aspects of the administration of institutions of higher learning.

66653/76653 College Student Development: Theory and Practice (3)
Study of theories concerning the development of college students and other adults, and principles for translating theory into practice.

66654/76654 Students and the College Environment (3)

Study of the impact of different types of students and college environments on each other within the context of a changing society. Prerequisite: HIED 6/76653 and approval of instructor.

66655/76655 Case Studies in Higher Education Administration (3)
Study of management responsibilities and leadership issues of student affairs administrators. Prerequisite: HIED 66652 and 66653 and 66657.

66656/76656 Higher Education Curriculum (3)
Introduces perspectives on curriculum development, implementation and assessment in higher education and addresses theoretical, historical, political and contemporary perspectives on higher-education curriculum.

66657/76657 Leadership in Educational Organization (3)
By learning to appraise their own leadership styles, students improve their leadership effectiveness and explore the relationship between leadership and college and university effectiveness. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE) or Educational Administration- Higher Education (EDHE).

66658/76658 The Community College (3)
A study of the foundations, structure, programs and issues of community college education in the United States.

66660/76660 Faculty Roles and Responsibilities (3)

A study of faculty roles and responsibilities in American higher education.

66662/76662 Politics and Power in Organizations (3)

This course is designed to provide a conceptual framework for understanding the multifaceted processes of policy-making that take place in both “internal” and “external” settings.

66666/76666 Financial Management in Higher Education (3)
This course is designed to provide students of higher education with the knowledge of financial issues, sources of funds, economics of education, financial roles of professional and academic administrators and the fi nancial management skills as applicable to institutions of higher education.

66667/76667 Business Administration in Higher Education (3)

This course introduces students to the administrative and business management of institutions of higher education. The course covers topics such as institutional planning, space management, insurance matters, personnel administration, purchasing and facility management. Prerequisite: HIED 6/76657.

66668/76668 The Administration of Distance and Continuing Education Programs in Higher Education (3)
Develop practical skills for leading continuing and distance education programs as educational institutions seek to meet the needs of students in an era of lifelong learning. Includes planning, managing, budgeting and marketing in an academic environment. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE), or Educational Administration-Higher Education (EDHE).

66669/76669 Administration of Student Disability Services in Higher Education (3)

Understanding the legal and practical issues regarding the identification, accommodation and matriculation of students with disabilities into colleges and universities.

66670/76670  Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions(3)
Students study the historical and current development of the internationalization of higher education institutions; explore higher education administrative leadership characteristics, social/political/economic factors, and national and international relationships that have affected various countries and regions; and examine rationales behind internationalization of higher education institutions, its meaning and approaches, and the different strategies and organizational models in different types of higher education institutions.

66671/76671 The Administration of Multiculturalism and Diversity in Higher Education (3)

Course covers racial/ethnic and inclusive diversity and multiculturalism in U.S. higher education settings. Diversity is discussed from a historical perspective, providing a context for contemporary experiences described by and about students, staff, faculty and administrators. Main topics include multiculturalism in higher education in light of inclusive education; racial and ethnic diversity in higher education history; benefits of diversity; faculty issues; student issues; curriculum and pedagogy matters; research issues; law and policy issues; and strategic planning for institution diversity in higher education.

66672/76672 International Students and American Colleges (3)
Bridging theory and application with an emphasis on the latter. The course begins with a national perspective and then concentrates on the various aspects and best practices of recruiting and supporting international students at the institutional level.

66673/76673 Research in Administration of International Higher Education (3)
Examines and analyzes research related to high education administration in the field of international and global education. Implications for application of findings for improvement of colleges and universities at home and abroad will be thoroughly discussed. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE), or Educational Administration- Higher Education (EDHE).

66674/76674 Comparative Higher Education (3)

Students learn the differences between comparative, international and cross-border education. They reflect on how the United States higher education system grew out of specific historical, cultural, and socio-economic contexts and analyze the higher education systems and structures of other selected countries and regions, focusing on the contexts which have influenced their development. Students examine emerging trends in the globalization of qualifications frameworks and quality assessment standards, and define their own positions in aspects of the universal criteria/local contexts debate. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE), or Educational Administration- Higher Education (EDHE).

66675/76675  Design and Delivery of Education Abroad Programs (3)

Participants examine the many critical aspects of designing, planning and implementing an education abroad program; analyze its components, and, with others, design a new program. Students also consider the institutional contexts in which the program design occurs, on a campus or third party organizational level, including design decisions about curriculum content and program delivery mechanisms, co-curricular activities, safety issues and more. Students also develop skills in conducting needs assessments and program evaluations.  

66676/76676 Intercultural Communication for International Educators (3)

Students examine both classic and evolving intercultural communication theories, with an emphasis on the practical application of those theories to working in intercultural environments in higher education Students analyzed cultural influences on individuals, through the reading of cultural biographies and reflection on cultural influences in their own lives. Definitions of intercultural competence and strategies for intercultural learning, particularly in higher education contexts, are reviewed, with implications for program design in education abroad, work with international students, and other international education contexts, as relevant.

66677/76677 Workforce, Economic and Community Development in Community Colleges (3)
Within the context of social, economic, and technology shifts, this course examines the role of the community college in workforce, economic and community development.

66678/76678 Issues and Trends in Community College Administration (3)
Addresses current salient issues in community college administration. A variety of topics are examined as related to challenges for community college leaders arising from social, economic and political shifts.

66733/76733 Interpersonal and Group Dynamics in Educational Organizations (3)

Participants work in task groups learning about interpersonal, group and intergroup dynamics in organizations through lectures, discussions and analysis of their in-group experiences.

66740/76740 Theories and Methods of Organizational Development (3)
(Cross-listed with CHDS 67840) Study of theorists/practitioners in organization development. Involves exploration of consultant role, intervention theory, methods of systems change applied to groups and organizations. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE) or Educational Administration- Higher Education (EDHE).

66749/76749 Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education (3)
This course is designed to provide an understanding of current assessment and evaluation methods in higher education settings. Topics will span from individual classroom assessment through institutional accreditation processes.

80080 Dissertation Preparation Seminar (3)
Gain an in-depth understanding of the dissertation writing  process. Complete dissertation proposal. Prerequisites: special approval.

80085 Legal Research in Education (3)
(Cross-listed with CULT 80085) Methods of legal research, case analysis and a “uniform system of citation” are studied. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE) or Educational Administration- Higher Education (EDHE).

80199 Dissertation I (1-15)

Doctoral dissertation for which registration in at least two semesters is required, the fi rst of which is a semester in which dissertation work is begun and continuation of 30 hours. Prerequisites: special approval.

80299 Dissertation II (1-15)

Continuing registration required of doctoral students who have completed the initial 30 hours of dissertation and continuing until all degree requirements are met. Prerequisite: HIED 80199.

86521 Advanced Education Law (3)

This doctoral-level course is designed to provide the opportunity for students to gain additional knowledge in the education law area; to improve writing skills; to begin writing for publication; to critically review their own work as well as work of others; and to defend their work before their peers. Prerequisite: HIED 6/76520, 6/76652 or 6/76518.

86559 Advanced Student and Adult Development (3)
Helps develop an in-depth understanding of one or more current theories of student or adult development. Students will gain additional knowledge in student development theory and theory creation. Prerequisite: Major in Higher Education and Student Personnel (EAHE) or Educational Administration-Higher Education (EDHE).