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Geography (GEOG)

10160 Introduction to Geography (3)
Emphasizes processes which generate diverse global human and environmental patterns. Interaction of geographical elements as expressed in spatial organization of cities, land use, and cultural and political regions. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the Kent Core.

16001 Soil and Horticultural Management (3)**
To provide students with an understanding of the relationship of soil, nutrients and fertilizers, and to understand how to properly plant trees, shrubs and flowers. (At Salem Campus only.) Prerequisite: none.

17063 World Geography (3)
Examination and comparison of geographic conditions in different regions of the world. Stresses interrelationships between people and resources within and between regions and countries. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the Kent Core and diversity requirement.

17064 Geography of the United States and Canada (3)
Analysis of the spatial patterns of significant human and physical characteristics and interpretation of the major regions within the two nations. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the Kent Core and diversity requirement.

20195 Special Topics in Geography (1-3)*
(Repeatable for credit) Explores emerging topics in geography not covered in other existing courses. Variable content course. Prerequisite: none.

20977 Survey of Geography (1)
Introduces geography as a professional discipline; presents faculty and their research interests. S/U grading. Prerequisite: Geography (GEOG) major.

21062 Physical Geography (3)
Introduction to the study of the spatial characteristics of the earth's physical environment, including how humans interact with it. Topics include weather and climate, vegetation, soils, ecosystems, landforms and land-formation processes, human impacts on Earth systems, and human/societal adaptations to the physical environment. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the Kent Core.

21063 Physical Geography Laboratory (1)
Practical experience examining physical geographic processes, including the study and manipulation of map projections, Earth-sun relationships and experiments relating to the atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere. Corequisite: GEOG 21062. This course may be used to satisfy the Kent Core.

22040 Introduction to Global Tourism (3)
(Cross-listed with RPTM 26060) Introduction to travel and tourism around the world, including tourism technologies, cultural and natural environments as attractions, benefits of travel, travel ethics and sustainable development. Prerequisite: none.

22061 Human Geography (3)
Introduction to the field of human geography. Topics include population, migration, folk and popular culture, language, religion, ethnicity, political geography, development, agriculture, industry, services, urban patterns and resource problems. Emphasis is placed on historic and current spatial patterns and reasons for their change. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the Kent Core and diversity requirement.

29160 Mapping Our World (3)
Introduction to maps and their uses, stressing their importance as a vehicle for understanding and communicating information about our world and its spatial characteristics. Prerequisite: none.

31062 Fundamentals of Meteorology (3)
Analysis of weather elements emphasizing energy exchanges and controls and atmospheric circulation. Methods of weather prediction and man’s modification of weather are highlighted. Prerequisite: none.

31064 Principles of Climatology (3)
A study of the physical processes causing the distribution of world climates. Focus on local and urban climates, climatic change and societal impacts of climate. Prerequisite: GEOG 31062.

31070 Population and the Environment (3)
This course examines the interrelations of population growth, resource depletion and the environment from a geographic perspective, including the principal themes of space and place. Prerequisite: none.

31080 Geography of Wine (3)
Examines the physical environment of viticulture including climate, soil and farm practices; the cultural tradition of wine making, consumption and trade; and regional production styles. Prerequisite: none.

32080 Politics and Place (3)
Spatial aspects of political behavior as manifested in boundary changes, the sizes of states, interstate relations and spatial organization. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

34070 Economic Geography (3)
Study of worldwide variations in economic activities, emphasizing both the reasons for and the significance of these variations. Prerequisite: none.

35065 Geography of Transportation and Spatial Interaction (3)
Spatial interaction. Study of flows, networks and integrated systems at different spatial scales. Transport and economic development. Models and methods of analysis. Prerequisite: none.

36065 Cities and Urbanization (3)
Course examines what is a city, how it has evolved over time under changing economic conditions, what is its internal structure and how this has been influenced by transportation developments. Special attention is paid to the causes and consequences of social diversity within the city and how cities differ throughout the world. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

37010 Geography of Ohio (3)
Study of Ohio as a distinctive region, its environment and the varied characteristics of its population, its historical geographic development, and contemporary patterns and problems. Prerequisite: junior standing.

37040 Geography of Africa (3)
This course deals with the complex geographical and cultural elements in Africa. It demonstrates how the interaction of these elements has affected Africa’s linkages to other continents, especially North America. Furthermore, it discusses how this diversity has affected Africa’s economic development and political evolution. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

37050 Geography of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (3)
Study of the physical, economical, political and cultural geography of Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia and other components of the former Soviet Union. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

37066 Geography of Europe (3)
Examination of the cultural, economic, political and physical geography of Western and Eastern Europe (excluding the former U.S.S.R.). Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

37070 Geography of East and Southeast Asia (3)
Analysis of the physical and cultural geography of east and Southeast Asia, extending from Japan and China to Burma and Indonesia. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

37079 Geography of South Asia (3)
Physical and cultural geography of South Asian region including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldive Islands. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

37084 Geography of South America (3)
Overview of region and survey of each country emphasizes systematic similarities and differences in physical environment, culture, economic development, population, land use, politics and history. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

37085 Geography of Central America and Mexico (3)
Geographic analysis and interpretation of major regions of Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Evaluation of physical environments and development problems. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the diversity requirement.

39002 Statistical Methods in Geography (3)
Explores probability theory, spatial statistics, estimation procedures, hypothesis testing, spatial sampling, methods of areal association and regression analysis.  Geographic applications are emphasized. Prerequisite: MATH 10041 or 11009 or 11010 or 11011.

39161 Introduction to Cartography (3)
Mapmaking from compilation through reproduction; development of skills in drafting, generalization, symbolization, design; familiarization with relief representation, statistical maps and map projections. Corequisite: GEOG 39162. Prerequisites: GEOG 29160 and MATH 10041.

39162 Introduction to Cartography Laboratory (1)
Practical experience in mapmaking. Actual map compilation design, drafting and reproduction is stressed. Corequisite: GEOG 39161.

40093 Variable Title Workshop in Geography (1-6)
(Repeatable for credit) S/U grading. Prerequisite: special approval.

40191 Seminar in Geography (3)
(Repeatable for a total of 6 credit hours) Advanced study of the historical development of geography and of contemporary issues in the field. Emphasis on methods of geographic investigation and presentation of results. Prerequisite: junior standing and geography (GEOG) major. This course may be used to satisfy the writing-intensive requirement with approval of major department.

40192 Practicum in Geography (1-3)
(Repeatable for credit) Practical experience in using or teaching geographic techniques and/or problem-solving. Faculty supervised. S/U grading; IP grade permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

40195 Special Topics in Geography (1-3)
(Repeatable for credit) Prerequisite: special approval.

40292 Field Experience in Geography (1-6)
(Repeated registration permissible) Examination of geographic landscapes in the field. S/U grading. Prerequisite: special approval. Special fee—actual cost basis.

40392 Practicum in Emerging Geographic Trends (1-6)
(Repeated registration permissible) Examination of newly emerging geographic topics and techniques. S/U grading. Prerequisite: special approval. Special fee—actual cost basis.

40996 Individual Investigation in Geography (1-3)
Individual undergraduate investigation or research on specific geographical problems. IP grade permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

41050 Polar and Alpine Environments (3)
The geographic features of the Earth’s cold treeless regions are examined including climate, soils, glaciers, permafrost, plant and animal life and human activities. Prerequisite: GEOG 21062.

41052 Glaciers and Glaciation (3)
(Cross-listed with GEOL 44052) Examination of how glacial ice masses change the shape of the Earth’s surface, how they are integral to climate and sea-level change and how they pose high risk hazards. Prerequisite: GEOG 21062 or GEOL 11040. Special fee: $100 flat fee—subject to change.

41062 Advanced Physical Geography (3)

Advanced systematic analysis of the elements of physical geography. Specific analytical methodologies and their application to physical geography are also discussed. Prerequisite: GEOG 21062.

41066 Climate Change and Its Impact (3)
Examination of the evidence and causes of climate change and how this data is assessed. Past, present and future impacts of climate change and variability are discussed, along with policy implications. Prerequisites: GEOG 31062 and 31064.

41073 Conservation of Natural Resources (3)
Evaluation of past and current problems associated with the management of natural resources and the environments associated with their utilization. Prerequisite: none.

41074 Resource Geography (3)
Culture-technology and distance in relation to resource adequacy and management concepts for societal decisions about common property and situations with external economies. Prerequisite: junior standing.

41082 Geography of Soils (3)
An edaphological approach to soils including morphology, formation, classification, geographical distribution and utilization. Fieldwork required. Prerequisite: GEOG 21062 or GEOL 11040.

42040 Tourism Development and Recreational Travel (3)
(Cross-listed with RPTM 46000) Investigation of travel and tourism development using an interdisciplinary social science approach. Prerequisite: RPTM 36060.

42052 Medical Geography (3)
Geographic patterns of morbidity and mortality in the past and the present; diffusion of diseases and medicine; health in Third World emphasized. Prerequisite: GEOG 22061.

42064 Historical Geography of the United States and Canada (3)
Regional origins and growth, evolution of spatial organization, changing evaluation of environments, and past geographies in United States and Canada from pre-Colonial times on. Prerequisite: GEOG 17064.

44010 Geography of the Global Economy (3)
Geographic analysis of the increasing interconnectedness of economic activity. The social, technological and political changes associated with globalization are also discussed. Prerequisite: GEOG 34070 or ECON 22061.This course may be used to satisfy the writing-intensive requirement with approval of major department.

44070 Spatial Analysis and Location Theory (3)
Classical theories for location of economic activities and contemporary approach of spatial analysis, spatial organization of economic systems, behavioral models in economic geography, spatial allocation problems. Prerequisite: none.

45085 Urban Transportation (3)
Spatial analysis of urban transportation, travel behavior, modes. Trip generation and distribution models, transportation planning, urban transportation problems. Prerequisite: none.

46035 Marketing Geography (3)
Study of spatial arrangements and functions of market centers and the internal spatial patterns of retail stores, location analysis and site selection. (Practicum required.) Prerequisite: GEOG 36065.

46065 Advanced Urban Geography (3)
Investigation of advanced concepts pertaining to the spatial structure of urban areas. Prerequisite: GEOG 36065.

46070 Urban and Regional Planning (3)
Analysis of geographical aspects of planning for cities and regions. Prerequisite: none.

46092 Internship in Geography and Planning (3-6)
Preprofessional work experience in local, regional and environmental planning agencies and in business designed to utilize and develop academic skills. Prerequisite: special approval.

49070 Geographic Information Science (3)
Introduction to theories and methods for geographic data processing, including data capture and input, data storage and management, and data analysis and displays. Emphasis is on lab exercises using GIS software packages for real world applications. Prerequisite: at least 6 credit hours of geography (GEOG) courses.

49076 Spatial Programming (3)
Examination of the design, development and use of geographic information technologies with computer programming to model, process and visualize geographic phenomena. Prerequisite: GEOG 49070.

49080 Advanced Geographic Information Science (3)
Advanced theories and techniques for handling geographic information systems, including 2-D and 3-D processing of geographic information, detection and analysis of geographic patterns, 2-D and 3-D mapping of geographic information, modeling of geographic processes, and an overview of GIS programming tools. Prerequisite: GEOG 49070.

49098 Research in Geographic Information Technology (1-3)
(Repeated registration permissible) Individual research on a topic in geographic information technology. IP grade permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

49162 Advanced Cartography (3)
Study of the design and production of complex maps. Symbolization, composition and color utilization. Corequisite: GEOG 49163. Prerequisite: GEOG 39161.

49163 Advanced Cartography Laboratory (1)
Practical experience in the techniques of production and reproduction of maps. Corequisite: GEOG 49162.

49165 GeoMapping (3)
Information theory, data collection, automated mapping systems. Representation of surfaces, lines and points, geographic data structures and applications. Mapping by line printer, interactive terminals. Prerequisite: GEOG 39002 or 39161.

49198 Research in Cartography (1-3)
(Repeated registration permissible) Individual research on a topic in cartography. IP grade permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

49210 Earth Imagery (3)
The student following this course will be introduced to the full variety of methods of imaging the Earth for environmental analysis, including satellite methods. Prerequisite: GEOG 29160.

49211 Earth Imagery Laboratory (1)
Computer analysis of multispectral satellite datasets. Applications in Terrestrial Earth Science are emphasized. Prerequisite: none.

49230 Remote Sensing (3)
(Cross-listed with GEOL 42030) Emphasis on computer analysis of LANDSAT data using multivariate statistical tools. Introduces statistical methods and use of computer. Problems in Earth science are stressed. Prerequisite: special approval.

49480 Field Study in Geography (3)
Present methods of planning and structuring field studies, the techniques of mapping and data gathering in the analysis of local field problems. Prerequisite: geography (GEOG) major.

49482 Field Study of Selected Rural and Urban Areas (5)
Field studies of rural and urban regional problems in the United States and Canada. One month or more in field; written report on findings. Limited to 15 students. Students pay for own board and lab fee to university. Special fee–actual cost basis. Prerequisite: special approval.

49890 Applied Geography (3)
Detailed investigation of application of geographic techniques and knowledge toward problem solving in the “real world.” Prerequisite: 10 undergraduate geography (GEOG) credit hours.

  *Course ineligible to be repeated for GPA recalculation.
**Courses offered only at Regional Campuses.