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Graduate Finance (FIN)

The minimum prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. The minimum prerequisite for courses 70000 and higher is doctoral standing. Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

66075 Legal Aspects of Financial Enginering (3)
Coverage of the legal, regulatory and compliance aspects of derivative use and the current legal standing of derivatives and regulatory issues associated with derivatives. Issues of risk measurements and risk transparency of derivatives markets and disclosure issues are covered. Prerequisite: FIN 66080.

66080 Derivatives I (3)
An introduction to the theory and practice of pricing and hedging of derivative securities. Coverage of equity and index, foreign currency, commodity and interest-rate derivatives. Basic mathematical concepts and the institutional structure of derivative markets discussed. Corequisite: BAD 66061.

66081/76081 Derivatives II (3)
Coverage of exotic options, discrete and continuous pricing models and pricing techniques. Develops the economic foundations of the theory of derivatives and a mathematical tool kit to analyze standard instruments and "dissect" exotic ones. Prerequisite: FIN 66080 and BAD 66061.

66084/76084 Financial Enginering (3)
Coverage of VaR, hedging techniques, synthetic assets and volatility trading. Risk management and risk control models are covered. Surveys, standard approaches to measuring and modeling financial risk from the risk manager perspective. Prerequisite: FIN 66080 and BAD 66061.

66085/76085 Fixed Income Markets (3)
Provides a quantitative approach to fixed income instrument use. Covers the mathematics of bond pricing, term structure analysis and pricing of credit risk. Trees and Monte Carlo methods of evaluation are presented. Prerequisite: FIN 66080 and BAD 66061.