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Graduate Exercise Physiology (EXPH)

The prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. The prerequisite for courses 70000 and higher is doctoral standing. Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

50612 Exercise Leadership for the Older Adult (3)
Designed to provide the students with a knowledge base in exercise leadership in the senior population and includes special populations. Students participate in the leading, supervision and evaluation of the participant within the exercise program. They also assist in the collection of functional fitness data.  

53093 Variable Title Workshop in Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology (1-3)

Workshop in exercise science or physiology, topics vary. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credit hours. S/U grading.

55065 Exercise Testing (3)
Lecture and laboratory experiences dealing with the administration and interpretation of exercise tests.

55070 Electrocardiography for the Exercise Physiologist (3)
Designed to provide students with the knowledge base in electrocardiography. Students work on interpreting the 12-lead electrocardiogram with clinical case studies to enhance the knowledge base of the exercise specialist. Prerequisite: special approval.

55080 Physiology of Exercise (3)
Physiological bases of muscular activity with special attention to general effects of exercise on body function. Laboratory included.

60610/70610 Physiology of Aging: Implications for Human Behavior (3)

Examine physiological changes that accompany advancing age. Special attention is paid to the effect of these changes on sensory, motor and cognitive behavior.

63050 Research Processes in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology (3)
The research process and statistical concepts applied to exercise, leisure and sport.

63051 Quantitative and Research Methods in Athletic Training and Exercise Physiology (3)
Research design and statistical methods applied to exercise,leisure and sport. Prerequisite: EXPH 63050.

63095/73095 Research Seminar (1)
Presentation and discussion of research by faculty and students. A total of 2 credits may be applied toward degree requirements. S/U grading.

63096 Individual Investigation in Exercise Physiology (1-3)
Independent study completed under the supervision of a faculty member. Written approval of supervising faculty member and School Director required prior to registration. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credit hours. IP permissible.

63098 Research (1-15)
Research or individual investigation. Repeat registration permitted. IP permissible.

63193 Variable Title Workshop in Exercise Physiology (1-3)

Workshop in exercise physiology; topics vary. Repeated registration permitted. Maximum 4 hours applied to the degree. Prerequisite: special approval.

63195 Special Topics in Exercise Physiology (1-3)
Selected and varied topics of relevance in exercise physiology. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

63199 Thesis I (2-6)
Thesis students must register for a total of 6 hours, 2 to 6 hours in a semester, distributed over several semesters if desired. S/U grading; IP permissible.

63299 Thesis II (2)
Thesis students must continue registration each semester until all degree requirements are met. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: EXPH 65199.

65080/75080 Physiological Basis of Exercise and Sport (3)
Application of physiological concepts to human performance. Includes role of testing, training strength and endurance, nutritional considerations, environmental influences and adapted exercise programs.

65081/75081 Energy Metabolism and Body Composition (3)

Measurement of metabolic response to exercise. Topics include ergometry, spirometry, energy expenditure, body composition and performance correlates of strength, power and endurance.

65082/75082 Cardio-Respiratory Function (3)
Measurement of the cardiovascular-respiratory response to exercise. Includes resting spirometry, lung function during exercise, electrocardiography, blood pressure, PWC testing and exercise prescription.

65192/75192 Internship in Exercise Physiology (1-6)
Field experience in exercise physiology programs and testing in Kent State University adult fitness program or cooperating agencies. May be repeated for a total of 8 credit hours. Prerequisite: special approval.

73052 Advanced Research Design and Statistics in Exercise Physiology (3)

Advanced topics in research design and statistical analysis with computer applications in exercise physiology. IP permissible. Prerequisite: EXPH 63051.

75004 Biomechanics (3)
(Cross-listed with ATTR 65004) Survey of biomechanics, with particular emphasis on skeletal muscle mechanics.

75075 Muscle Function and Exercise (3)
Characteristics of skeletal muscle related to contraction during exercise, strength, elasticity, fatigue and training. Electromyograph analysis of muscle function emphasized.

75076 Environmental Stress and Exercise (3)
Effects of heat, cold, pressure, pollution and psychological stress upon physiological responses to exercise. Lecture and laboratory.

75083 Exercise Energy Metabolism (3)
Energy transformations during exercise. Emphasis on controlling mechanisms that regulate the anabolic and catabolic responses to both acute and chronic exercise.

75084 Cardiovascular/Respiratory Dynamics During Exercise (3)
Responses of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems to exercise. Use of noninvasive methods to measure cardiorespiratory function emphasized. Lecture and laboratory.

75085 Anthropometry and Body Composition in the Exercise Sciences (3)

Theory of selected procedures for the measurement of body composition and physique and their applications in the sports sciences. Laboratory seminar format.

83098 Research (1-15)
Research for doctoral students. Repeat registration permitted. IP permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

83199 Dissertation I (15)
Doctoral dissertation, for which registration in at least two semesters is required, fi rst of which will be semester in which dissertation work is begun and continuing until the completion of 30 hours. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: Special approval.

83299 Dissertation II (1 or 15)
Continuing registration required of doctoral students who have completed the initial 30 hours of dissertation and continuing until all degree requirements are met. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: EXPH 83199.