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Graduate Translation Studies (TRST)

The minimum prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. The minimum prerequisite for courses 70000 and higher is doctoral standing.Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

60001 Graduate Research and Writing in Translation Studies (3)
Individual instruction and assistance with problems encountered in academic research and writing in translation.

60009 Documents in Multilingual Contexts (3)
An in-depth study of the role of documents in the multilingual information cycle as manifested in word-processing, desktop publishing and Web-based environments.

60010 Theory of Translation and Interpreting (2)
Introduction to the theoretical bases and methods of language mediation.

60011 Terminology and Computer Applications in Translation (3)
Practice-oriented introduction to terminology management and translation tools, such as term extraction, translation memory, and machine translation. Prerequisite: TRST 60009.

60012 Software Localization (3)
Introduction to localization, the translation and adaptation of products, including software and Web pages, for sale or dissemination in specific target-language markets. Course introduces the basic concepts and techniques of localization and provides a hands-on introduction to relevant computer software. Prerequisite: TRST 60011 with minimum B (3.0) grade. Special fee: $45.

60013 Language Project Management (3)
Introduction to project management in the language industry. Course covers the body of knowledge and skills, including the use of project management software, required to perform the duties of a translation or localization project manager. Beginning with an overview of the language industry, the course examines the language industry project. Prerequisites: TRST 60011 with minimum B (3.0) grade.

60098 Research in Translation Studies (1-15)
Research for M.A. translation students. Credits earned may be applied toward degree if department approves. Repeatable for a total of 15 credit hours.

60298 Applied Translation Research (1-3)
Research experience in translation or interpreting in a corporate, translation bureau or freelance setting, supervised by a faculty member. S/U graded. Repeatable for a maximum of 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: TRST 60010.

70001 Applied Linguistics and Translation Informatics (3)
Advanced topics in applied linguistics, including corpus and text linguistics as they apply to translation. Advanced topics in translation informatics in multilingual environments. Prerequisite: TRST 60011.

70002 The Language Industry (3)
Study of the socio-economic context of professional translation and the language services business sector. Includes in-depth study of the language industry drawing on industry analysis and business case studies. Special fee: $45.

70003 Terminology Studies (3)
Advanced topics in terminology, lexicography, ontology and knowledge organization systems. Prerequisite: TRST 60011.

70004 Translation Pedagogy (3)
Teaching methods and curriculum design for translation programs.

70005 Current Trends in Translation Studies (3)
A critical examination of the main trends in translation theory and an exploration of emerging developments in translation studies. Prerequisite: TRST 60010.

70006 Empirical Methods for Translation Studies (3)
Study of the methods and research designs used to conduct empirical research in translation, with an emphasis on experimental design of cross-language tasks, the use and analysis of bilingual verbal protocols, the application of new methods such as keystroke-logging and eye- tracking and the particular empirical and methodological issues involved in cross-language research data-gathering and statistical analysis. Prerequisite: translation studies (TRST) major.

70007 Corpora in Translation (3)
Exploration of corpus-based applications in translation studies research and the practice of translation. Competence in utilizing translation-oriented corpus-based tools and corpus building will be fostered.  Prerequisite: translation studies (TRST) major.

70008 Translation in Cognition (3)
Study of foreign language translation and interpreting from a cognitive science perspective. Includes discussion of current empirical research, application of selected models of cognition to problems in translation studies and research design in translation process research. Prerequisite: translation studies (TRST) major.

80091 Seminar in Translation Studies (3)
Seminar for doctoral student to present and discuss research related to specific areas of Translation Studies. May be taken for a total of 6 semester hours alone or in combination with TRST 80191.

80098 Research (1-15)
Research for doctoral students. Credits earned may be applied toward degree if department approves. Repeat registration permitted.

80191 Seminar in Translation Informatics (3)
Seminar for doctoral students to present and discuss research related to specific areas of translation informatics. May be taken for a total of 6 semester hours alone or in combination with TRST 80091.

80199 Dissertation I (15)
Doctoral dissertation. Registration in at least two semesters is required, the first of which will be the semester in which the dissertation work begins and continuing until 30 hours are completed. Prerequisite: admission to candidacy.

80299 Dissertation II (1-15)
Continuing registration required of doctoral students who have completed the initial 30 hours of dissertation, continuing until all degree requirements are met.