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Graduate Spanish (SPAN)

The minimum prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

58095 Selected Topics in Spanish (3)
Topic to be announced in semester Schedule of Classes. May be repeated to maximum of 15 hours.

58216 Contemporary Hispanic Culture (3)
A study of selected sociological, political, cultural or economic issues in the contemporary Hispanic world.

58340 Medieval Spanish Poetry (3)
Spanish poetry from its origins to 1500.

58350 Don Quixote (3)
A detailed study of Cervantes’ masterpiece.

58351 Minor Works of Cervantes (3)
La Numancia, Entremeses, La Galatea, Novelas ejemplares.

SPAN 58352 Medieval Spanish Prose (3)
The development of medieval Spanish prose, with special emphasis on La Celestina.

58354 Neoclassicism and Romanticism (3)
Survey of Neoclassicism and Romanticism in Spain.

58356 Golden Age Prose (3)
Study of the development of the various forms of prose fiction during the Spanish Golden Age.

58358 19th Century Novel (3)
Analysis and critical interpretation of outstanding representatives of the 19th-century novel.

58360 20th Century Spanish Drama (3)
Representative works of leading Spanish dramatists of the 20th century.

58364 The Generation of '98 and After (3)
Intensive reading of representative works with an examination of the historical circumstances that led to the formation of the Generation of ’98.

58366 The Novel of the Mexican Revolution (3)
A critical sociocultural and literary examination of selected Mexican novels that explore a variety of responses to the first major 20th-century mass upheaval in Latin America known as the Mexican Revolution.

58370 Modernism in Spanish America (3)
Ruben Dario and other writers of the modernista movement; works include modernist poetry, short stories and essays.

58372 Spanish-American Novel I (3)
A cultural and literary analysis of selected major Spanish-American novels written between 1900 and 1950.

58373 Spanish-American Novel II (3)
A cultural and literary analysis of selected major Spanish-American novels written from 1950 to the present.

58374 Modern Spanish-American Drama (3)
Analysis of selected plays from various Spanish-American countries.

58376 Contemporary Spanish-American Short Story (3)
The development of the Spanish-American short story from 1917 to the present.

58378 U.S. Latina/o Writers (3)
The course focuses on a representative selection of literary pieces in Spanish by recent U.S. Latino writers, developing oral and listening skills in Spanish and strengthening critical thinking on various cultural and literary matters.

58422 Early Spanish-American Discourse (3)
This course provides a critical analysis of cultural and literary issues on texts dealing with early colonial Spanish-American expression.

58423 Spanish-American Indian Discourse (3)
This course provides a critical analysis of cultural and literary issues in selected excerpts of the Spanish-American Indian expression from pre-Columbian to Colonial times.

68001 Spanish Literary Research and Writing (3)
Individual instruction with problems encountered in academic research and writing in Spanish. Required of all graduate students in their first semester of graduate work.

68010 The Practice of Spanish Translation (2)
Students apply linguistic and communication science concepts to case studies of language mediation. Corequisite: TRST 60010.

68093 Variable Title Workshop in Spanish (1-6)
Workshops individually designed to provide instruction and training in specific areas of Spanish studies. Prerequisite: special approval.

68095 Selected Topics (3)
Selected topics on Spanish literature or linguistics.

68098 Research (1-15)
Research or individual investigation for master’s-level graduate students. Credits earned applied toward degree requirements if department approves. Repeat registration permitted. IP permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

68191 Seminar in Fiction (3)
Intensive study of one or two major writers of a movement in the history of Spanish and Spanish-American fiction.

68199 Thesis I (2-6)
Thesis students must register for a total of 6 hours, 2 to 6 hours in a single semester, distributed over several semesters if desired. IP permissible.

*68201 Reading Spanish for Graduate Students (4)
Introduction to the fundamentals of Spanish grammar for graduate students. Practice in reading and translation.

*68202 Reading Spanish for Graduate Students (Humanities/Social Sciences) (3)
Specialized graded readings in Spanish for students in the humanities and social sciences. Not open to Spanish majors.

68215 Advanced Spanish Composition and Conversation (3)
Intended to strengthen advanced-high or superior writing skills of description, summary, narration, exposition, and argumentation on topics dealing with diverse areas of Hispanic culture as presented through literary and non-fiction texts.

68240 Literary and Cultural Translation (3)
Translating documents from a variety of literary and cultural sources, including literature, expository and journalistic prose, scholarly treatises and essays. Translation into Spanish will also be emphasized.

68250 Commercial, Legal and Diplomatic Translation (3)
An introduction to methods and resources for the translation of commercial, economic, financial, legal, diplomatic and governmental documents. Prerequisite: TRST 60010.

68251 Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation (3)
 An introduction to methods and resources for the translation of scientific, technical, industrial and medical documents. Prerequisite: TRST 60010

68299 Thesis II (2)
Thesis students must continue registration each semester until all degree requirements are met. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: SPAN 68199.

68391 Seminar in Theatre (3)
Intensive study of one or two major dramatists or movements in the history of Spanish and Spanish-American theatre.

68591 Seminar in Poetry (3)
Intensive study of one or two major poets or of a movement in the history of Spanish and Spanish-American poetry.

68979 Case Study in Translation (3)
Students will be responsible for a major translation and a terminology glossary as well as a critical analysis of the source text, the problems encountered during the translation process and the strategies used to solve them. S/U grading. Prerequisite: special approval.

*Credit hours earned in this language sequence are not applicable toward the completion of the hour requirement in a student’s graduate program and do not count toward the minimum 8-hour semester load required.