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Public Administration (PADM)

The minimum prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

60038 Managerial Accounting for Public Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70038 ).Managerial uses of accounting information for planning and control. Emphasis on decision-making in public sector and role of information in making rational choices.

60195 Special Topics in Public Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70195) Various topics offered by the Master of Public Administration Program. Prerequisite: special approval.

60198 Research (2-15)
(Cross-listed with POL 70198) Research or individual investigation for master’s-level graduate students. Credits earned may be applied toward meeting requirements if department approves. Prerequisite: special approval.

60199 Thesis I (2-6)
Thesis students must register for a total of 6 hours, 2 to 6 hours in a single semester, distributed over several semesters if desired. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

60299 Thesis II (2)
Thesis student must continue registration each semester until all degree requirements are met. S/U grading. IP permissible. Prerequisite: PADM 60199.

60370 Public Management Concepts and Practices (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70370) Introductory course for all M.P.A. students. Focus is on “macrolevel” understanding of government agencies: institutional context, agency-environment linkages, internal dynamics, role in public policy.

60372 Administrative Theory and Behavior (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70372) Behavioral, bureaucratic, neoclassical and contemporary theories of organization and management are reviewed in an examination of the environment of public agency managers. Prerequisite: PADM 60370 or POL 70370.

60373 Public Budgeting (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70373) Study of politics, theories, practices and techniques of public budgeting and financing. Budgeting includes process of preparation, adoption and execution of operating, and capital budgets.

60374 Public Financial Management (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70374) Advanced study of the functions of the local government financial management agency and how these functions enhance the productivity and decision-making capacity of the organization.

60375 Public Personnel Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70375) Study of public personnel systems, including underlying system values and current problems, with emphasis on skill development and understanding of techniques for public personnel managers.

60376 Labor Management Relations in the Public Sector (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70376) This course focuses on issues peculiar to public sector labor relations, including the impact of public employee unionism on traditional merit systems and personnel policy decision processes. Prerequisite: PADM 60375.

60378 Municipal Management and Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70378) Detailed analysis of metropolitan complex. Emphasis given to administrative, political, fiscal and legal problems in governing cities.

60379 Program Evaluation I (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70379) Introduction to evaluation of government programs. Emphasis on familiarizing students with the theory and, specifically, the techniques utilized under different evaluation formats.

60381 Methods in Public Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70381) This course is a graduate-level introduction to statistical methods and their use in public administration.

60382 Seminar in Public Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70382) Study of selected problem areas in public service organizations with emphasis on understanding the factors contributing to them, their solution, and literature bearing on the problems. Prerequisite: special approval.

60384 Public Agency Management (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70384) This course is designed to acquaint advanced master’s and doctoral candidates majoring in public administration with the operation and management of bureaucratic organizations.

60385 Advanced Studies Seminar in Public Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70385 )This seminar is designed at each offering to meet the individualized needs of advanced doctoral candidates majoring in public administration. Prerequisite: special approval.

60392 Internship-Public Administration (2-6)
(Cross-listed with POL 70392) Provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience and be exposed to processes of public decision-making and policy development. Prerequisite: special approval.

60470 Critical Issues in Public Administration (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70470) Course deals with basic questions of value and ethics associated with public service roles in a democratic society and with major contemporary issues in the field. Prerequisite: PADM 6/70370 and 6/70372.

60471 Nonprofit Law (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70471) Introduction to legal issues for nonprofit organizations in the United States, including types of IRS tax-exempt status; basic requirements for establishing/operating nonprofit organizations specifically in Ohio.

60472 Nonprofit Board-Executive Relations (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70472) Key aspects of effective nonprofit governance, major roles of nonprofit board members and their responsibilities, and governance structures.

60473 Governmental Financial Analysis (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70473) A laboratory in techniques of governmental financial analysis. Course focuses on how to analyze current financial position to develop financial plans for upcoming years.

60474 Health Care Reimbursement (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70474) This is an introductory course to familiarize students with private and public sector reimbursement operations and regulations in the United States health care industry.

60477 Non-Profit Finance Resource Development (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70477) Successful strategies for fundraising and resource development for nonprofit organizations. Students will be exposed to fundraising in practice and will write a resource development plan.

60492 Capstone Seminar (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70492) Capstone course required for all MPA students. Students will complete an approved, written project that is analytical and research-based. Prerequisite: special approval.

60574 Strategic Planning (3)
(Cross-listed with POL 70574) Introduction to the practice of strategic planning as it relates to policy design and implementation by public and nonprofit organizations.