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Nutrition and Dietetics (NUTR)

10011 Nutrition Outreach: A How-to for Life-long Healthy Eating (1)
(Repeatable for a total of 3 credit hours) Teaches basic nutrition information for healthy eating including the important nutritional aspects of cooking, shopping, dining and disease prevention related to dietary intake. Prerequisite: none.

23112 Introduction to the Profession: Nutrition and Dietetics (1)
Discusses academic requirements for successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, the history of the profession as well as current credentialing and licensing requirements. Explores the opportunities within the field of dietetics. Teaches methods to document academic, personal and professional skills. Prerequisite: none.

23511 Science of Human Nutrition (3)
Basic concepts and principles in the science of human nutrition, energy balance and weight control, individual nutrient needs, diet selection, nutrition related metabolism and physiological functions, nutritional diseases and current human nutrition controversies. Prerequisite: none. This course may be used to satisfy the Kent Core.

33512 Nutrition (3)
Functions, sources and interactions of essential nutrients. Nutritional needs of family members, methods of meeting these needs, sources of reliable nutrition information. Prerequisites: CHEM 10060 and 10061 and 20481; or CHEM 10050 and 10052; or CHEM 10054.

33522 Applied Nutrition (3)
Application of nutrition principles including nutrition assessment, charting of medical records, interviewing, counseling, nutrition education, food exchange lists, nutrition surveys and dietary standards. Nutrition and dietetics majors only. Prerequisites: NUTR 23511 and PSYC 11762 and SOC 12050.

41092 Practicum in Nutrition (2-4)
Directed professional training experiences in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Prerequisite: special approval.

41093 Workshop in Nutrition (1-3)
Workshop setting dealing with a topic or topics in the field of nutrition and dietetics. S/U grading. Prerequisite: none.

41095 Special Topics in Nutrition (1-4)
Discussion of a major topic within a specific field in nutrition and dietetics. Prerequisite: written special approval from instructor.

41096 Individual Investigation in Nutrition (1-3)
Independent study in nutrition and dietetics. Prerequisite: written special approval from instructor.

43013 Experimental Methods in Nutrition (3)
Students gain experience in research methods related to nutrition and dietetics, principles of experimental design, data analysis and techniques of scientific writing are applied. Prerequisite: NUTR 33512. Special fee: $6.66/credit hour—subject to change. This course may be used to satisfy the writing-intensive course requirement with approval of major department.

43016 Cultural Aspects of Food, Nutrition and Health (3)
Cultural overview of racial, ethnic and religious population groups residing in the United States and the impact on food habits, nutritional and health status, and counseling concerns. Prerequisite: NUTR 23511.

43512 Advanced Nutrition I (3)
An exploration into the mechanisms through which macronutrients meet the human biological needs. Fundamental concepts underlying applied human nutrition. Evaluation and interpretation of research findings. Prerequisite: NUTR 33512.

43513 Advanced Nutrition II(3)
Mechanisms through which nutrients meet the human biological needs. Fundamental concepts underlying applied human nutrition. Evaluation and interpretation of research findings. Prerequisites: NUTR 33512 and BSCI 30030 and CHEM 30284.

43514 Clinical Dietetics (4)
Application of the principles of normal nutrition to diet and disease, effect of pathological conditions on nutritional needs. Also has a lab which provides the opportunity for students to engage in case studies and nutritional assessments. Prerequisites: NUTR 33522 and 43513.

43515 Community Nutrition (3)
Introduction to nutrition problems and practices in the community. Study of legislation, philosophies, management strategies and agencies affecting nutritional care. Prerequisites: NUTR 33522 and 43513.

43518 Maternal and Child Nutrition (3)
Nutrition requirements and problems: pregnancy, lactation, childhood and adolescence. Prerequisite: NUTR 33512.

43520 Nutrition for Fitness (3)
This course will explore the relationship between nutrition, health and exercise. Dietary change for improved health and fitness will be discussed as well as the impact of diet and exercise on body composition and weight. Prerequisite: NUTR 33512.

43521 Food Choices for Prescribed Dietary Modification (2)
Adapting adequate normal diet in terms of food choices to accommodate prescribed food restriction or bodily dysfunction. Not open to dietetic majors. Prerequisite: NUTR 23511.

43523 Nutrition and Dietetics: Professional Practice (1)
Development of professional awareness. Evaluation of professional growth and formulation of plans for continued growth. Prerequisite: Nutrition (NUTR) major and senior standing.

43532 Methods and Experiences in Nutrition Outreach (3)
Students learn methods for development and evaluation techniques used for nutrition outreach programming, the role of community nutrition education in public health, and the impact of nutrition programming on disease prevention and management. Students also engage in service learning opportunities in community nutrition education. Prerequisite: special approval.