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Graduate Modern and Classical Languages (MCLS)

The minimum prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing.  Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

50093 Variable Title Workshop in Modern and Classical Language Studies (1-6)
Workshops individually designed to provide instruction and training in specific areas of modern and classical language studies. S/U grading. Prerequisite: special approval.

50095 Selected Topics (1-3)
Topic to be announced in the Schedule of Classes. Repeat registration permitted when content varies.

50654 Computers in Second Language Teaching (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 51002) Designed for teachers of language and culture, this course explores the availability of technology, its implementation in the classroom, and its integration with foreign/second language skills.

50655 Multimedia, Online Instruction and Second Language Acquisition (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 53002) Theoretical bases and application of methods and techniques of second language instruction in an online environment. Design and development of multimedia materials and lessons in a project-based learning environment. Prerequisite: MCLS 50654.

50660 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (3)
Theoretical bases, approaches, methods, materials and techniques of foreign language instruction at the elementary and secondary levels. Peer-teaching and 30 hours of field experience and curriculum guide required. Prerequisite: special approval.

60000 Literary Theory in Modern and Classical Languages (3)
An introduction to literary theory for students of French, German, Latin and Spanish.

60020 Semeiotics (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 6/75057 and PHIL 61055) An introduction to contemporary theories of semeiotics and to the application of those theories to linguistics, literature, translation and technology.

60094 College Teaching of Foreign Languages (1)
An introduction to current principles and issues in the teaching of foreign languages at the college elementary and intermediate levels. Required of departmental teaching assistants.

60601 Linguistics for the Language Professions (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 63040) Students will be introduced to basic linguistic issues and how these relate to the language professions. Course focuses on functional principles, especially on options to express textual, interpersonal and ideational/experiential meaning.

60621 The Pragmatics of Conversation (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 63037) Theories of PRAGMATICS, conversational structure, and strategies with practical applications for teaching conversation strategies to foreign/second language learners.

60622 Teaching Literature and Culture (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 63038) Students will explore theories of literature and culture teaching, as well as strategies for teaching literature and culture.

60623 Sociocultural Theory and Foreign and Second Language Acquisition (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 63042) The foundations of sociocultural theory and its applications to the second and foreign language classroom.

60624 Heritage Language Speakers in the Foreign Language Classroom (3)
Provides an understanding of the unique needs of heritage language speakers in the foreign language classroom and explores theoretical approaches and practical applications toward development of their literacy skills.

60661 Second Language Acquisition (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 6/73033) This course surveys the major theoretical approaches to language acquisition, concentrating on second language acquisition and the relationship between acquisition/learning research and second language teaching approaches.

60663 Second Language Curriculum and Testing (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 63039) Students will study second language curriculum and testing design and current issues, including oral proficiency testing.

60698 Research in Second Language Pedagogy (3)
(Cross-listed with ENG 63098) Students will learn how second language research influences their teaching practices by studying research texts and recent journal articles conducting a research project. Prerequisite: approval of instructor.