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Graduate Geology (GEOL)

The minimum prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. The minimum prerequisite for courses 70000 and higher is doctoral standing. Additional prerequisites may apply and are listed in this catalog.

50093/70093 Variable Title Workshop in Geology (1-8)
Workshop or training program focused on a specific  professional or disciplinary topic within geology. Repeat registration permitted. S/U grading. Prerequisite: special approval.

50095 Selected Topics in Geology (3)
Selected topics presented by visiting professors or one-time offerings presented by regular faculty.

51025 General Geophysics (3)
Physics of earth. Seismology; geomagnetism; heat flow, radioactivity, geochronology, gravity and isostasy, geotectonic models. Lecture 3 hours weekly. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070 and 31080; and MATH 12002; and PHY 13001
or PHY 23001.

51073 Geology of Ohio (3)

Minerals, rocks, fossils, structural geology, physiography, environmental geology, geologic resources. Required field trips. Does not satisfy requirements for major in geology.

51075 Geology of the United States (3)
Distribution of natural regions and geologic features of the United States. Geologic concepts illustrated by detailed examination of selected areas. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070 and 31080.

51077 Geology of the National Parks (3)
Introduction to the geology of selected major national parks, emphasizing basic geologic principles and processes which have produced the spectacular scenery, rocks and fossils in each park. Does not satisfy requirements for major in geology.

51079 All About Dinosaurs (3)
Dinosaurs (and some relatives) and their world, emphasizing how to interpret evidence concerning their history, biology, and evolutionary relationships. Does not satisfy requirements for major in geology.

51080 Tectonics and Orogeny (3)
Introduces advanced concepts of plate tectonics and mountain building with emphasis on western United States and Appalachians. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL 31080. Special fee: $40.

51092 Summer Field Camp (6)
Five weeks devoted to geologic mapping and solving structural and stratigraphic problems in Black Hills, South Dakota. IP permissible. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070 and 31080. Special fee: On actual cost basis.

52030/72030 Remote Sensing (3)
(Cross-listed with GEOG 5/79030) Computer analysis of multispectral satellite datasets. Applications in Terrestrial Earth Science are emphasized.

52035/72035 Scientific Method in Geology (3)
Applying scientific method in the field and lab; models and sampling procedures. Collecting and analyzing data. Formulating and testing hypotheses. Lecture two hours, lab two hours.

52067 Introductory Hydrogeology (3)
Occurrence of groundwater in geologic materials; emphasizing utilization, conservation and management of groundwater resources. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours weekly. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070 and 32066 and MATH 12002.

52068 Contaminant Hydrology and Hydrogeology (3)
An introduction to the basic principles of chemical and physical behavior of contaminants introduced by humans into the environment. Students are expected to understand concepts and work practical quantitative problems. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/52067; and CHEM 10060, 10061, 10062, 10063.

52069/72069 Hydrogeochemistry (3)

Processes and evolution of the chemical composition of water in the natural hydrologic cycle. Methods of hydrochemical interpretation applied to groundwater and pollution problems. Lecture 3 hours weekly. Prerequisite: 10 hours of chemistry.

52074 Environmental Core and Well Logging (3)
Examination of subsurface processes and the distribution of stratigraphic layers using core and well logging techniques based on analysis of physical properties of sediment, rock and pore fluids. Applications to paleoclimate, hydrogeology, engineering geology, oil and gas exploration and environmental remediation. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070.

52078 Engineering Geology (4)

Engineering properties of soils and rocks. Site evaluation for building foundations, dams, tunnels and highways. Slope stability. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 2 hours weekly. Special fee: $40.

53040 Principles of Geochemistry (3)

Introduction to chemical thermodynamics and its applications in solving geochemical problems. Distributions of elements and isotopes in the earth and laws governing these distributions. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070; and MATH 12002; and CHEM 10060 and 10061.

53066 Optical Petrography (3)
Theory of optical crystallography and the microscopic examination and identification of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks in thin section. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours weekly. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070.

5/74052 Glaciers and Glaciation (3)

Examination of how glacial ice masses change the shape of the Earth’s surface, how they are integral to climate and sea level change, and how they pose high risk hazards. 

54070 Principles of Stratigraphy (4)
Basic concepts of physical stratigraphy and stratigraphic practice. Required field trips. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070 and 34061.

54074 Plaeoceanography (3)
A broad spectrum of geological approaches, including paleontology, geochemistry and stratigraphy, is employed to interpret the history of Earth’s oceans.

60080/70080 Research Orientation (1)

Faculty research presentations; thesis/dissertation proposal preparation; discussion of professional organizations, preparation of manuscripts, and oral presentation of papers. S/U grading.

60091/70091 Seminar (1 or 2)
Specialized topics in geology. Precise title to be inserted in Schedule of Classes.

60094/70094 College Teaching of Applied Geology (1)

Training and experience in presentation of data and college teaching of applied geology, as well as a discussion forum on professional ethics and responsibilities.

60095 Selected Topics in Geology (3)
Selected topics presented by visiting professors or one-time offerings presented by regular faculty.

60098 Research (1-15)
Research for master’s-level students. Credits earned may be applied toward degree if department approves. Repeat registration permitted. S/U grading; IP permissible.

60199 Thesis I (2-6)
Thesis students must register for a total of 6 hours, 2 to 6 hours in a single semester, distributed over several semesters if desired. S/U grading; IP permissible.

60299 Thesis II (2)
Thesis students must continue registration each semester until all degree requirements are met. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: GEOL 60199.

61020/71020 Advanced Structural Geology (3)

Theoretical and applied studies in structural geology, including mechanical, mathematical, model and field investigations. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL 31080.

61050/71050 Precambrian Geology (3)

Study of earth history and processes during the Precambrian, including role of plumes, meteorite bombardment, and tectonic processes on crustal evolution. Covers age of the Earth, formation and growth of crust, superplumes and supercontinents.

61093/71093 Workshop in College Teaching (1-2)
Workshop in college teaching. S/U grading.

61094/71094 College Teaching (1-2)

62011/72011 Hydrology (3)

Introduction to hydrologic measurements, properties of water, precipitation, evapotranspiration, runoff computations, streamflow and flood routing. Prerequisite: GEOL 32066.

62025/72025 Exploration Geophysics (3)
Application of magnetic, gravity, seismic and electrical methods to the solution of geologic problems and in resource exploration involving practical study in selected areas. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/51025.

62063/72063 Computer Simulation in Geology (3)
Spatial and temporal considerations in geoscience simulations. Use of geological data in modeling verification and validation of models. Display techniques. Sensitivity and Monte Carlo analyses.

62065/72065 Hydrogeological Systems (3)
Advanced study, construction and application of a variety of modeling techniques to solve groundwater-related problems. Design, construction, programming and operation of analog and numerical models. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/52067 and 6/72068.

62066/72066 Quantitative Geomorphology (3)
Interactions of land-forming systems. Slope processes, erosion, stream hydrology including runoff relations and discharge curves. Algebra of streams and topologic structure. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 1 hour weekly. Prerequisite: GEOL 32066 and

62067/72067 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (3)
Consideration of basic physical equations of fluid flow. Application to hydraulics, atmosphere, oceans and mechanics of ice motion. Numerical and computer implementation. Prerequisite: MATH 12002 and 12003.

62068/72068 Advanced Hydrogeology (3)
Quantitative approach to occurrence of groundwater; methods of investigation, evaluation and development of groundwater resources, emphasizing optimization and maximal exploitation without environmental changes. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/52067;
and MATH 12001 or 12003.

62070/72070 Geology and the Law (3)
Legal aspects of the practice of geology as a profession. Emphasis is placed on the sources of the law that affect the practice both substantively and procedurally. 

62079/72079 Advanced Engineering Geology (3)
Role of geology in site selection, design and construction relative to dams, tunnels, highways, slope stability and nuclear power plants. Selected case histories. Lecture 3 hours weekly. Field trip and term paper required. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/52078.

62082/72082 Introduction to Soil Mechanics (4)

Engineering properties and engineering behavior of soils including classification properties, compaction, permeability, strength and compressibility. Lecture 3 hours, laboratory 2 hours weekly. Prerequisite: GEOL 31080.

62083/72083 Rock Slope Stability (3)
Provide information used to recognize, avoid, design for, control and correct slope movements in rocks; determination of shear strength along rock discontinuities; stability analysis of rock slopes. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/52078.

62084/72084 Foundation Engineering (3)
Seepage and drainage of foundation soils. Subsurface investigations. Principles, design and construction of shallow and deep foundations. Earth-retaining structures. Lecture 3 hours weekly. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/5/72082.

63045/73045 Advanced Geochemistry (3)

Advanced study of selected topics in low temperature and/or high temperature geochemistry, including principles of phase equilibria and applications to geochemical systems. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/53040.

63046/73046 Radiogenic Isotope Geology (3)

Distribution and production of radiogenic isotopes in the Earth’s crust. Principles of isotopic geochronology in selected mineral-rock systems, including: Rb-Sr, U-Th-Pb, and K-Ar. Modern instrumental methods of isotopic analysis and in-situ geochronology of rocks and minerals. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/53040.

63047/73047 Selected Instrumental Methods of Geochemical Analysis (3)

Selected spectroscopic techniques commonly used in analysis of geological samples. Laboratory teaches geological sample preparation, analytical methods development, and operation of chemical instrumentation. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/53040.

63052/73052 X-Ray Crystallography (3)
Investigation of crystalline materials by their diffraction of X-radiation. Applications of the powder method in mineralogy are emphasized. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours weekly. Prerequisite: special approval.

63055/73055 Advanced Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (3)
Petrogenic processes relevant to evolution of selected rock groups. Petrologic techniques and methods of analysis. Microscopic study of selected rock suites. Required field trip. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/53066.

63063/73063 Sedimentary Petrology (3)
Classification, texture, composition, provenance and diagenesis of sandstones and carbonates, following review of optical mineralogy. Petrographic microscopy and other laboratory techniques are emphasized. Prerequisite: GEOL 31070.

63067/73067 Carbonate Rocks (3)

Basic principles of carbonate sedimentology including composition, classification origin and distribution of carbonate sediments, their diagenesis and lithification. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/53066.

63069/73069 Clay Mineralogy (3)
Clay mineral classification, structures, identification. Formation, geochemical principles, chemical weathering, diagenesis, metamorphism, wallrock alteration. Industrial uses, engineering applications. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours weekly.

63085/73085 Geochemical Exploration (3)

Distribution and mobility of the elements. Sampling techniques; analytical methods. Primary dispersion. Secondary dispersion in sediment, soil, water, vegetation. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 2 hours weekly. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/53040.

64028/74028 Paleoecology (3)

Relationships between ancient organisms and their environments, as interpreted from fossils, enclosing rock strata and recent analogs. Field and laboratory studies. Saturday  field trips. Prerequisite: GEOL 34061.

64030/74030 Systematic Invertebrate Paleontology I (3)
Detailed investigation and examination of important literature concerning taxonomic characters of invertebrate phyla: Protista, Porifera, Cnidaria and Bryozoa. Numerous oral reports, specimen examination. Prerequisite: GEOL 34061.

64032/74032 Systematic Invertebrate Paleontology II (3)
Detailed investigation and examination of important literature concerning taxonomic characters of invertebrate phyla: Brachiopoda, Mollusca, Arthropoda and Echinodermata. Numerous oral reports, specimen examination. Prerequisite: GEOL 34061.

64034/74034 Micropaleontology (3)
Study of more important microfossil groups found in geologic record, emphasizing Foraminiferida, Ostracoda and Conodonts. Techniques for collecting, preparing and studying microfossils. Prerequisite: GEOL 34061.

64036/74036 Cenozoic Climate Change (3)
An overview of the concepts and principles involved in interpreting global and hemispheric Cenozoic climate change (past 65 million years). Emphasis on particular temporal and spatial scales and cycles. Extensive reading in scientific journals.

64038/74038 Plaeolimnology (3)
An overview of significant topics and applications in paleolimnology of Holocene (last 10,000 years) and Pleistocene (last 2 million years) records, including current issues in environmental and climatic reconstruction. Extensive reading in scientific journals.

64065/74065 Sedimentology (3)
Fluid dynamics, grain transport, sedimentary structures, granulometry, bedform and facies sequences, and facies architecture. Interpretation of continental and marine clastic depositional environments and processes. 

64067/74067 Tectonics and Sedimentation (3)
The distribution and migration of depositional sedimentary environments as a function of tectonic regime, climate and time. Prerequisite: GEOL 6/74065.

64071/74071 Advanced Stratigraphy (3)
Advanced graduate consideration of stratigraphic problems, procedures and analyses. Prerequisite: GEOL 4/54070.

80091 Seminar in Applied Geology (1)

Specialized topics in applied geology. Precise title to be inserted in Schedule of Classes.

80095 Advanced Topics in Geology (3)
Advanced topics presented by visiting professors or one-time offerings presented by regular faculty. Prerequisite: special approval.

80098 Research (1-15)
Research for doctoral students. Credits earned may be applied toward degree if department approves. Repeat registration permitted. S/U grading; IP permissible.

80199 Dissertation I (15)
Doctoral dissertation, for which registration in at least two semesters is required, first of which will be semester in which dissertation work is begun and continuing until the completion of 30 hours. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: Admission to candidacy for doctoral degree.

80299 Dissertation II (1 or 15)
Continuing registration required of doctoral students who have completed the initial 30 hours of dissertation, continuing until all degree requirements are met. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: GEOL 80199.