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Graduate Anthropology (ANTH)

The minimum prerequisite for 50000-69999 level courses is graduate standing. Additional prerequisites requirements may apply and are listed in this catalog.

58093 Variable Title Workshop in Anthropology (1-6)
Classroom discussions and field study activity focused on professional and disciplinary concerns. Specific content varies with workshop group. S/U grading.

58095 Special Topcis in Anthropology (3)
Offered irregularly when unusual resources and/or opportunities permit. Prerequisite: 6 graduate hours toward M.A. in anthropology.

58210 Culture and Communication (3)
Study of the relationship between language and culture. Covers the basic principles of formal linguistics and their use in anthropology; case studies from the ethnography of speech. Prerequisite: special approval

58212 Kinship and Social Organization (3)
This course employs cross-cultural approaches to the understanding of marriage, family organization, descent and kinship system.

58214 Politics of Culture (3)
This course will address the way in which culture has been politicized. It will look at issues such as cultural relativism and objectivity in anthropological studies with reference to specific peoples and geographic areas.

58220 Cultural Ecology (3)
Analysis of relationships between sociocultural systems and physical/biological environment.

58225 Archaeology of Death (3)
From excavations of prehistoric burial mounds to studies of colonial gravestones, the archaeology of death has always occupied a prominent place in anthropological research. The course explores approaches to diverse meanings of life and

58230 Sociocultural Change (3)
Analysis of institutional changes where peoples of different cultures are in sustained contact.

58240 The Symbolic Imperative (3)
Cultural meanings from the perspective of symbols: objects, persons, relations and acts through which people communicate with each other and perceive order in their cultures. Prerequisite: special approval.

58250 Culture and Curing (3)
Examination of the relationship between cultural beliefs about the nature of reality and the essence of humanity, and causation and alleviation of disease. Prerequisite: special approval.

 58260 Culture Conflict (3)
Analyzes structured conflict situations between widely different cultures, both simple and complex, including intertribal conflict, colonial conflict, and problems arising from contact between dominant and subdominant social systems.

58270 Native Peoples of North America (3)
Comparative analysis of North American Indian peoples and cultures with special reference to linguistic groupings, cultural areas and contemporary issues.

 58291 Seminar in Revolution and Culture Change (3)
The seminar deals with the interrelationship between culture and revolution since antiquity. The main focus is on dramatic and abrupt culture change.

58391 Seminar in History of Anthropology 1750-1950 (3)
Seminar focusing on the development of anthropology within the intellectual and historical context from the height of the Enlightenment to the close of World War II.

58410 Stone Age Archaeology (3)
Survey of Old World cultural history using archaeological data. Stresses the period from 3 million years ago to 10,000 years ago.

58420 Archaeology of North America (3)
Survey of major North American and Mexican archaeological sequences with emphasis on interregional relationships.

58425 Ancient Mesoamerica (3)
Comparative analysis of Mesoamerican societies from the arrival of the first Americans over 10,000 years ago to European colonization in the 16th century A.D., including major pre-Columbian civilizations.

58440 Archaeology of Ancient Ohio (3)

Cultural evolution and human-environmental relationships in the ancient Ohio region documenting an 11,000-year period from initial occupation to the beginning of European written history.

58450 States and Empires (3)

This course presents a comparative analysis of both Old and New World case histories to explore definitions, causal explanations and organizational parameters associated with prehistoric state and empire-level societies.

58692 Field Work in Biological Anthropology (3)
Can be applied to any bio-anthropology field of study and off-campus activity, ranging from museum work to U.S. and international research projects.

58810 Human Paleontology (3)
Study of primate fossils of the Miocene and Pliocene to include the origins of humans and their earliest ancestors.

58820 Human Musculoskeletal System (3)
A largely hands-on course introducing the study of human anatomy for students interested in biological anthropology and archaeology. Topics include skeletal and functional anatomy, biomechanics, and estimation of age and sex from isolated bones.

58830 Human Behavioral Ecology and Evolution (3)
How “unique” is human behavior? Using an evolutionary perspective, we will explore the evolution of human mating systems and parental investment.

58835 Primate Ecology and Conservation (3)

Study of the geographic distribution and evolutionary ecology of prosimians, monkeys and apes, and human and climatic effects on their long-term survival.

58840 Natural Selection in Perspective (3)
The course provides an in-depth introduction into the theory of natural selection by reading both Darwin’s original work and recent interpretations.

68091 Research Seminar in Anthropological Theory (3)
An opportunity for advanced students to follow up personal theoretical interests based upon a previously established foundation in theory.

68093 Variable Title workshop in Anthropology (1-6)
Classroom presentations and field study focused on professional and disciplinary concerns. Specific content varies with workshop group. S/U grading. Prerequisite: special approval.

68095 Special Topics in Anthropology (3)
Offered irregularly when unusual resources and/or opportunities permit. Prerequisite: 6 graduate hours toward M.A. in anthropology.

68096 Individual Investigation (1-3)
Readings and/or research supervised by member of graduate faculty. IP permissible. Petition form available in the anthropology department office. Prerequisite: special approval.

68098 Research (15)
Research or individual investigation. Repeat registration permitted. IP permissible. Petition form available in the anthropology department office. Prerequisite: special approval.

68199 Thesis I (2-6)
Thesis student must register for total of 6 hours, 2 to 6 hours in a single semester, or distributed over several semesters if desired. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: special approval.

68230 Problems in Cultural Anthropology (3)
Basic graduate course in cultural anthropology required of all M.A. candidates. Course deals with major topics within this subdiscipline of anthropology. Prerequisite: special approval.

68240 Ethnic Group Analysis: East Asia (3)
Critical analysis of key aspects in traditional East Asian sociocultural systems that can be related to modern development. Prerequisite: special approval.

68241 Ethnic Group Analysis: Pacific Islands (3)
Peoples and characteristics of culture areas of the Pacific Islands, including Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, with analysis of several representative cultures from these areas. Prerequisite: special approval.

68242 Ethnic Group Analysis: North America (3)

Cross-cultural analysis of native cultures and societies of North America. Prerequisite: special approval.

68299 Thesis II (2)
Thesis students must continue registration each semester until all degree requirements are met. S/U grading; IP permissible. Prerequisite: ANTH 68199.

68430 Problems in World Prehistory (3)
Basic graduate course in prehistoric archaeology required of all M.A. candidates.

68612 Primate Anatomy (5)

Lecture and laboratory dissection of primate cadaver from major taxonomic groups of the order primates. Emphasis on musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Prerequisite: special approval.

68613 Morphological Analysis (3)

Application of current taxonomic and genetic theory to the analysis of mammalian structure, with special emphasis on the primate fossil record. Prerequisite: special approval.

68621Paleodemography and Osteology (3)

An examination of the methods and theory of the use of prehistoric human remains in the reconstruction of extinct populations. Prerequisite: special approval.

68622 Human Population Structure and Biological Demography (3)

An intensive investigation of the principles of biological demography; includes emphasis on theories of selection and mating structure. Prerequisite: special approval.

68623 Human Variation (3)

A detailed anthropological examination of the causes and extent of modern human variability. Prerequisite: special approval.

68624 Primate Ethology (3)
Detailed examination of the principles of primate ethology, including evolutionary trends in ecology, dominance, locomotion and social behavior. Prerequisite: special approval.

68625 Dental Anthropology (3)
Study of the human and primate dentition as it relates to primate and human evolution. Includes general orofacial biology. Prerequisite: special approval.

68626 Primate Paleontology (3)
Survey of primate evolution and taxonomy up to the emergence of modern hominids. Prerequisite: special approval.

68630 Principles of Biological Anthropology  (3)
A graduate-level introduction to the field of biological anthropology. Topics include genetics, human variation, fossil and modern primates, early man.

68637 Bioanthropological Data Analysis I (5)

(Cross-listed with BMS 78673) Examination of methods of univariate and bivariate experimental design. This survey emphasizes tests of hypothesis and estimation techniques with both classical and nonparametric procedures.

68638 Bioanthropological Data Analysis II (3)

(Cross-listed with BMS 78638) This survey of multivariate analysis in anthropology includes one-sample data exploration, multiple-sample problems and regression methods. It also includes computer application. Prerequisite: ANTH 68637.