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Disability Studies and Community Inclusion-C618 and C827

The goal of this certificate is to prepare graduate students to understand the nature, meaning, health, social and political implications, and consequences of disability, within the context of diversity and global culture from which we live and operate. Courses selected for the core and as electives are based on guidelines from the Society for Disability Studies which recommends curriculums be (a) interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary, (b) challenge the view of disability as an individual defect that can be remedied through medical intervention, and (c) should include national and international perspectives, policies, literature, culture and history.


Course Title Credits
RHAB 67725 Psychosocial Impact of Disabilities
SRM 56001 Principles and Methods of Community Inclusion
Individual Investigation in Exercise, Leisure and Sport
Electives 10
ANTH 58250 Culture and Curing (3)

CI 65592 Internship in Motor Development (1-12)

COMM 55459 Communication and Conflict (3)
  55960 Health Communications (3)

EDAD 6/76518
 Law and Special Education (3)x

HDFS 54020
Adolescent Development (3)

54021 Family Interventions Across the Lifespan (3)

HED 57091
Current Issues in Health Education and Promotion (3)

  64050 Health Behavior (3)

Behavioral Aspects of Disease (3)

MUS 50295 Special Topics Music in Special Education (1-3)

POL 70707 Law, Justice and Society (3)

PSYC 61580 Social Psychology (3)

SOC 52558 Wealth, Poverty and Power

Sociology of Health and Health Care

SPED 53030
Applied Behavior Analysis I: Theory and Techniques (3)

  53050 Characteristics of Students with Mild/Moderate Intervention Needs (3)

  53051 Characteristics of Students with Moderate/Intensive Intervention Needs (3)

  53070 Planning and Programming for Transition Needs (3)

  53309 Introduction to Deaf Studies (3)

  63200 Introduction to Exceptionalities (3)*

THEA 61094 College Teaching in Theatre (3)

* Course is prerequisite for others in department