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Pre-Law Minor

College of Arts and Sciences
105 Bowman Hall
Tel: 330-672-2062
Thomas Hensley, Coordinator, 302 Bowman Hall

No specific course of study is required for admission to law school. Most law schools, including all in Ohio, require a bachelor’s degree for admission. The bachelor’s degree may be from any discipline or college at Kent State University.

Law schools emphasize the value of reading comprehension, analytical skills and a good command of written English. While these skills can be obtained in various ways, a general liberal arts background is recommended; other fields such as business are also useful. Courses in literature, American history and government are considered essential. Many pre-law students choose a major in political science, history, sociology, psychology, economics or English. A Bachelor of General Studies is suitable if carefully planned.

The pre-law minor is designed to provide a background for the study of law through challenging coursework that reinforces and extends the liberal arts foundation gained through the LER, that provides advanced analytical and writing skills, and that introduces the student to the social and governmental structures that underlie the law. This minor may be combined with any major or field of concentration.

Law schools vary considerably in their admission requirements. Most place major emphasis on the overall GPA and the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score. Students usually take this test about one year before beginning law school, but it is highly recommended that students take the exam in June before their last year as an undergraduate.

Students considering law as a career should seek individual advising from the pre-law advisors in the Department of Political Science or in the students’ major department. A list of pre-law advisors is available in the college office. Consultation with a pre-law advisor is urged, regardless of the students’ major, minor or college. The Department of Political Science also has available LSAT registration packets, pre-law planning guides, information on law school admissions of Kent State University students and financial aid information. The department maintains a file of law school catalogs and also sponsors a pre-law club. Opportunities also exist for students to participate in mock trial and moot court activities as well as legal internships. The Department of Philosophy and the Office of Continuing and Distance Education offer an LSAT Preparation Course before the June and October offerings of the LSAT. A bulletin board with law school and pre-law information is located on the third floor of Bowman Hall near the Department of Political Science.


Course Requirements for Pre-Law Minor  (24 credits):
Course Title


Minor Requirements


ENG 30064 Argumentative Prose Writing


PHIL  11009 Principles of Thinking


21001 Introduction to Ethics

21002 Introduction to Formal Logic



Choose one from each of the following areas:




ACCT 23020 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)


ECON  22060 Principles of  Microeconomics (3)


  42295 Special Topics: Law and Economics (3)


FIN 26074 Legal Environment of Business (3)




ENG  30001 English Studies (3) 


  33001 U.S. Literature to 1865 (3) 


  33002 U.S. Literature from 1865-1945 (3) 


  33003 U.S. Literature from 1945-Present (3) 


  33011 African-American Literature (3) 


History and Philosophy


HIST  41057 Eighteenth-Century America: 1714-1789 (3) 


  41058 Jefferson-Jackson Era: 1789-1848 (3) 


  41082 Constitutional History of the United States (3)


  41089 Recent America: U.S. 1945-Present (3) 


PHIL  31035 Philosophy and Justice (3) 


  41025 Philosophy of Law (3) 


Social Science


CACM  34040 Negotiation (3) 


  38080 Mediation: Theory and Training (3) 


JUS  33200 Criminal Law (3) 


  47111 Civil Law and Procedure (3) 


  47211 Court Functions (3) 


POL  30100 American Political Theory (3) 


  30130 Courts (3) 


  40182 Constitutional Law: Government Powers (3) 


  40183 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties (3) 






Maximum three courses counted toward the students’ major may  be counted toward the pre-law minor.

It is recommended that students pursuing the pre-law minor give strong consideration to the following
courses in fulfillment of the Kent Core Requirements or college general requirements: in the humanities
and fine arts category: HIST 12070 and 12071, COMM 15000 and 26000 and PAS 23001 and 23002;
in the social sciences category: JUS 12000, ECON 22061 and POL 10100. Students are strongly encouraged
to consider prerequisites of advanced courses in the pre-law minor as they select their Kent Core courses or college general requirements.

Minimum cumulative 2.00 GPA required for graduation.