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Core Requirements

Course Number
Credit Hours
12000 1 Introductory Physics Seminar
23101 5 General University Physics I
23102 5 General University Physics II
30020 2 Intermediate Physics Laboratory
35101 4 Classical Mechanics
36001 3 Introductory Modern Physics
40020 2 Advanced Physics Laboratory
40092 2 Internship in Physics*
45201 4 Electromagnetic Theory
  28 Total
  34-40 BS Concentration Requirements & Electives

Course Number
Credit Hours
12002 5 Analytic Geometry & Calculus I**
12003 5 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II
32051 4 Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences I
32052 4 Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences II
  18 Total

Course Number
Credit Hours
10060 4 General Chemistry I
10061 4 General Chemistry II
10062 1 General Chemistry Lab I
10063 1 General Chemistry Lab II
  10 Total

Major Requirements and Electives Total

Credit Hours
KENT CORE/General Requirements
1 US 10097 (Destination Kent State: FYE)
6 Composition
8 Foreign Language***
3 Humanities****
3 Fine Arts****
3 Humanities or Fine Arts****
6 Social Sciences****
30 Kent Core and General Requirements Total
120 Total for Graduation

*PHY 40099 (Senior Honors Thesis) or 40096 (Individual Investigation) may be substituted for PHY 40092 with curriculum advisor's permission. For PHY 40096 to substitute, a suitable research project should be selected.

**MATH 12001 (Algebra and Trigonometry) is a prerequisite for MATH 12002, which the student with sufficient background should bypass.

***Most Elementary I and II languages (American Sign Language, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish) require 4 credit hours each. However, Elementary I and II for Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese require 5 credit hours each. Choosing these languages will increase the Foreign Language requirements to 10 credit hours and reduce the available number of General Electives by 2 credit hours.

****Two Diversity courses are required. One must be selected from the Kent Core program in either the Humanities & Fine Arts or Social Sciences. One Diversity course must address domestic (U.S.) issues and one must address global issues.

Summary of BS General Graduation Requirements

  • Minimum of 120 total hours, 42 upper-division hours
  • Minimum of 2.00 cumulative GPA and 2.00 GPA in major(s) / minor(s)
  • Maximum of 12 pass / fail hours
  • Residency requirement - first 91 or last 30 hours must be completed at KSU
  • Writing-Intensive Requirement
  • Experiential Learning Requirement
  • Participation in Outcomes Assessment (MFAT in Physics)