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M.S. Alumni

M.S. Alumni are listed below starting with the most recent graduates.


  • Rahul Sehgal, 2009, Greedy Routing in a Graph with Aid of its Spanning Tree: Experiment Results and Analysis, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Dutta Binamra, 2009, Enterprise Software Metrics: How to Add Business Value, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Asif Iqbal, 2009, Monitoring Remote Financial Transaction Control Devices Using SNMP over TCP, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Wang Dong, 2009, A Tree-based Summarization Framework for Difference Description Between Two Data Sets, Advisor: Dr. Ruoming Jin

  • Du Xiaoxi, 2009, Migration Motif: A Spatial-temporal Pattern Mining Approach for Financial Markets, Advisor: Dr. Ruoming Jin

  • Alice Lewis, 2009, Case Study for a Lightweight Impact Analysis Tool, Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Maletic


  • Sudipta Bhaduri, 2008, Finding a Maximum Clique of Chordal Graph by Removing Minimum Degree Vertices, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Abdulkareem Alali, 2008, An Empirical Characterization of Commits in Software Repositories, Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Maletic

  • NV Praveen Gedela, 2008, Measurement and Its Historical Context, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Jason Burke, 2008, Morphing Cross-Cultural Accents Using Bioinformatics Techniques, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Uday Kiran Viyyure, 2008, Frequency Assignment in Radio Networks, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Brad Bellomo, 2008, Advisor: Ruttan

  • David Fuhry, 2008, Slyline Queries in Metric Space, Advisor: Dr. Ruoming Jin

  • Sandeep Davu, 2008, Connection Oriented Mobility Using Edge Point Interactivity, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Vikash Sananda, 2008, Information Technology Offshoring, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Pradeep Punnam, 2008, Relational Model for Program Semantics, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Jeffrey Frey, Rice University, 6100 Main Street, Houston, TX, 77005, USA, 2008, Finding Song Melody Similarities Using a DNA String Matching Algorithm, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker


  • Adnan Eshaque, 2007, A Mathematics Glossary Web Application and Service, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Shehnaaz Patel, 2007, Assessing the Comprehension of UML Class Diagrams via Eye Tracking, Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Maletic

  • Sumit Sukhramani, 2007, Interactive Collision Detection Between Multiple 3D Objects in Large Complex Environments Using Graphics Hardware and Voxelizati, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Rajesh Jadhav, 2007, Geometric Routing without Geometry, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Harit Desai, 2007, Evaluation and Tuning of Gigabit Ethernet Performance on Clusters, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell

  • Olaleye Olufunke, 2007, Symbiotic Audio Communication on Interactive Transport, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Shehnaaz Yusuf, Hyland Software, , 2007, Assessing the Comprehension of UML Class Diagrams Via Eye Tracking, Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Maletic

  • swetha vasudevan, 2007, Immune Based Event-Incident Model for Intrusion Detection Systems A Nature Inspired Approach to Secure Computing, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein

  • Sajid Shaikh, 2007, Computations in Social Networks, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • desai harit, Synopsys, Inc, , 2007, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell

  • Scott Mccallen, 2007, Mining Dynamic Structures in Complex Networks, Advisor: Dr. Ruoming Jin

  • Praveen Danturi, 2007, Self-Stabilizing Philosophers with Generic Conflicts, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko

  • Nitin Bafna, 2007, Labeling Schemes for Some Location Problems on Trees, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Xin Lin, 2007, Investigating Chemical Structure-Activity Relationships Using Molecular Similarity Analysis and Structure Activity Maps, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Amit Pandey, 2007, Securing Web Applications from Application-Level Attack, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein

  • Srikanth Saladi, 2007, Modeling Nondeterminism in Program Semantics using Lifted Binary Multirelations, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Richie Thomas, 2007, Experimental Evaluation of Emuli: A Tool for Sensor Abstraction in Wireless Sensor Networks, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko


  • Thomas Clouser, 2006, Efficient Message Ordering in Ad Hoc Networks, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko

  • Olena Andriyevska, 2006, Chi-Square Based Discretization Method, Advisor: Dr. Yuri Breitbart

  • Abha Gupta, 2006, Generating Web Based Recommendations by State Merging Process, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Siddharth Raina, 2006, Finding Spanning Tree Minimizing the Maximum Edge Load, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • George Powell, 2006, Improvement Algorithms for an Industrial Routing Problem, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Anh Tran, 2006, Approximation Algorithms for Tree Flow Spanner Problems, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Abishek Asokan, 2006, Impact of Offshoring in Computer Science, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Senthil Bogana Balraj, 2006, Understanding and Developing Internet Ethics, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Jalaa Hoblos, 2006, Selfish Node Misbehaving Statistical Detection with Active MAC Layer NAV Attack in Wireless Networks, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Zhong Guo, 2006, An Algorithm for Fast Perceptual Object Tracking in a Coded Stream by Analysis of Composite Scene Motion's Reflection on the Mot, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Jidesh Soudhamini, 2006, Calois Connection and Lifted Binary Multirelations for Program Semantics, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Vyeni Ghildyal, 2006, Secured Transfer of Data Between the RFID Reader and the Tag Using Elliptic Curve Encryption on the Reader Side and Minimal Encr, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein

  • Ping Xu, 2006, Implementing Three VLCD String-Matching Algorithms on an FPGA-Based Associative SIMD Processor, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker

  • Mark Miyashita, 2006, Double Face Routing for Guaranteed Delivery in Geometric Routing, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko

  • Sabegh Singh Virdi, Genome International Corp., , 2006, Solving the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) Problem using the Associative ASC Processor with Reconfigurable 2D Mesh, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker

  • Manas Hardas, KSU, 2006, A Proposed Approach for Semantic Evaluation of Test Problems and Information Extraction from Course Ontology, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan


  • Suman Katragadda, 2005, Mining for Significant Rare Events from Large Databases, Advisor: Dr. Yuri Breitbart

  • Shashikant Shinde, 2005, A Lattice on the Set of Program Specifications, Advisor: Dr. Austin Melton

  • Vibha Tripathi, 2005, Replica Management in Content Distribution Networks, Advisor: Dr. Yuri Breitbart

  • Romil Shah, 2005, TosGUI: A Visualization Tool for Wireless Sensor Networks, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko

  • Natalia Dragan, 2005, Method Stereotypes and their Automatic Identification, Advisor: Dr.Jonathan I. Maletic

  • Andrew Sutton, 2005, Accurately Reverse Engineering UML Class Models from C++ Source Code, Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Maletic

  • Sindhu Karthikeyan, 2005, RFID Authentication: Security without Cryptography, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko

  • Sudha Elavarti, 2005, Addressing, Distance and Routing in Cubic Systems with Applications in 3D Cellular Networks, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Amit Borwankar, 2005, Nearest Neighbor Embracing Graph (NNEG) as a New Topology for Wireless Ad-hoc Networks, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Youssef Hijazi, JLS Marketing Concepts, , 2005, Integrating Speech and Emotional Variation with Dynamic 3D Facial Expressions Using Simulation of Anatomical Muscles, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Manyu Tang, 2005, qMesh - A High Level Tool for Mesh Decimation, Advisor: Dr. Arden Ruttan

  • Deepakraj Shanthilal, Accenture, , 2005, Relational Network Manager for IP Networks, Advisor: Dr. Yuri Breitbart

  • Raquel Wittlesey-harris, 2005, Fault-Tolerance Verification of Fluids and Combustion Facility of International Space Station, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko

  • Qiyu Zhang, 2005, An Effective Scheme for Content-based Image Retrieval Process, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Qun Qun Du, 2005, Performance of Class Based Priority Queuing and Tokent Bucket Filtering in IP Routers with Self-Similar Traffic, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Deborah Stoffer, 2005, Analysis of Pairwise Sequence Alignment for Protein Secondary Structure, Advisor: Dr. L. Gwenn Volkert


  • Sharif Uddin, 2004, Multimodal Event based Triggering for Multimedia Visualization over the Internet, Advisor: Arvind Bansal

  • David Watson, MIMvista Corp., 25200 Chagrin Blvd, Ste. 200, Beachwood, OH, 44122, USA, 2004, MULE and TDB: Simulation and Debugging Tools for Developing Software for Wireless Sensor Networks, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko

  • Qong Gu, 2004, Advisor: Javed Khan

  • Ranjana Tripathi, 2004, Performance of Random Early Detection (RED) Algorithms with Self-Similar Bursty Traffic for Differentiated Services, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Mingming Lu, 2004, An Effective Framework of Color-Texture Image Segmentation, Advisor: Dr. Cheng-Chang Lu

  • Mahesh Tamboli, 2004, Computer Aided Sperm Analysis: Detection and Feature Extraction, Advisor: Dr. Gwenn Volkert

  • Anthony Martinez, Babcock & Wilcox, 91 Stirling Ave, Barberton, OH, 44203, USA, 2004, Determining the Three-Dimensional Location of a Cube from a Stereo Image, Advisor: Dr.Cheng Chang Lu

  • David Chiu, Ohio State, , 2004, Design and Implementation of MathChat and Model Educational Web for the WME Framework, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Lei Xie, 2004, Implementing a PE Interconnection Network for a FPGA-Based Associative Computer, Advisor: Dr.Robert Walker

  • Zakiya Tamimi, PhD student at KSU, 2004, Model-based Analysis of Two Fighting Worms, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Chenyu Yan, 2004, Additive Spanners for k-Chordal Graphs, Advisor: Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Jalpesh Chitalia, 2004, Efficient Representation of Data Structures on Associative Processors, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker


  • Darshan Patel, 2003, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Feng Louis, 2003, Advisor: Jonathan Maletic

  • Yasir Drabu, 2003, Dynamic Bandwidth Management in QOS Aware IP Networks , Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Kevin Schaffer, 2003, Developing a Practical Instruction Set for a RISC-based Associative Processor, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker

  • Louis Feng, 2003, Source Viewer 3D (sv3D): A 3D Metaphor for Software Visualization, Advisor: Dr.Jonathan Maletic

  • Oleg Komogortsev, 2003, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Elaine Ciocca, 2003, Automated Image Boundary Detection For Radiometric Adjustment Monochrome Images Used in Flight Simulator Geographic Databases, Advisor: Dr. Cheng-Chang Lu

  • Rahul Pathak, 2003, Single Transmission Multiple Display Multimedia Language, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Rashid Muhammad, Kent State University, Department of Computer Science, Kent, Ohio, 44242, U.S.A., 2003, A Parallel Voronoi Diagram on the Hypercube Model of Computation, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker and Dr. Feodor Dragan

  • Qiong Gu, 2003, Symbiotic Rate Control and Focal Area Resolution Control of MPEG2 Transcoder, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Jun Zhang, 2003, Web Information Management with Database and XML, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Bonita Sharif, 2003, A Voice Enabled Interactive Markup Language for Extensible Object Based Movies over the Internet, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Yu-wei Hsieh, 2003

  • Regi Oommen, 2003, Using History to Improve Lightweight Routing Topology Maintenance in Sensor Networks, Advisor: Dr. Mikhail Nesterenko


  • Qingping Tao, 2002, Impact of Webspace Organization and User Interaction Behavior on a Prefetching Proxy, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Wen Zhou, 2002, An Analysis of Indexing in Disc-Based and Real-Time Database System, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Yuling Zhu, 2002, Neural Net Classification Efficiency and Accuracy on Images with Different Color Models, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • David Kjerrumgaard, 2002

  • Ying Zhou, 2002, A Synchronization Program for Tree Keeper Online System, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Mohammad Ali, 2002, Visual Basic Code Library, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher

  • Xuemei Zhang, 2002, Image Management in Object-Relational Database System, Advisor: Mr. Will Meilander

  • Yihua He, 2002, Fast Intercept of Passing Streams for High Performance Filter Appliances in Application Service Network, Advisor: Dr. Javed Khan

  • Meiduo Wu, 2002, Implementing the Associative Processing Array for an Associative Processor on FPLDs, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker


  • Nobuko Ochiai, 2001, Edge Oriented and Region Oriented Segmentation Methods for License Plate and Nuclear Medicine Images, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Rick Ziling Zhang, Cleveland State University, 2121 Euclid Ave, LB138, Cleveland, OH, 44115, USA, 2001, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang, Dr. Jay Lee

  • Chien-jan Chu, 2001, Business Decision Management Systems - A Comparative Study Between SQL Server and Pilot Decision Server, Advisor: Dr.Jerry Potter

  • Xiao-hong Zhu, 2001, Retinal Image Registration by Mutual Information Maximization, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Chengwei Liu, 2001, Performance Modeling and Analysis of Asynchronous Transfer Mode Switches with Gated Shared Buffer, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Peijun Fang, 2001, Sales and Customer Service Web-Based System, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Jinjin Xie, 2001, Comparative Complexity Analysis of Associative Processing vs. Multiprocessor Tracking System in Air Traffic Control, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Yanping Wang, Intel Corp, 2111 NE 25th Ave, Hillsboro, OR, 97124, U.S.A, 2001, Implementing the Single Instruction Stream Associative Computing Model on FPGAs-Architecture, Back-End Compiler, Instruction Str, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker

  • Ze Chen, 2001, World Wide Web and CGI - Comparison and Implementation of Web Client/Server Application Using Perl CGI Programming and, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Liying Chen, 2001, Modeling Broadcast Algorithms using Different Communication Methods in a Distributed Embedded System, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker

  • Robert Mellen, 2001, Improving the Performance of One Implementation of Detector Spread Function Resolution Recovery, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Hyungjoo Em, 2001, An Efficient Skew Feature Extraction Algorithm in Text-Based Document Images Using White Space Analysis, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Xuemei Gao, 2001

  • Dhamim Packer Ali, 2001, RACE (RED with Adaptive Choked ECN) and Performance Comparison of RED Variants in IP Networks, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Ziming Sun, 2001, Web Database Design with Java Database Connectivity, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher

  • Xiang Chen, 2001, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter


  • James Jerkofsky, Walsh University, 2020 East Maple St, North Canton, OH, 44720, USA, 2000, Implementing the CORDIC Algorithm on Field-Programmable Logic Devices, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker

  • Janet Formichelli, 2000, Performance of a Triggered-Threshold Buffer Management Scheme with Exponential and Bursty Traffic, Advisor: Dr.Hassan Peyravi

  • Kun Qiu, Nestle, 5750 Harper Road, Solon, OH, 44139, USA, 2000, Communication Channel Modeling and Synthesis in Hardware/Software Codesign, Advisor: Dr. Robert Walker

  • Alexander Katrompas, 2000, Sequential decision making using a two stage hybrid connectionist model, Advisor: Dr. Hasan Peyravi

  • Linlin Tong, 2000, Object Oriented Design and Implementation of MP, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Jiandong Zhu, 2000, An Automatic Data Loading System Using PERL for Decision Support System, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Shuqin An, 2000, Conversion of MS DOS Database System to Windows System, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Tista Kapoor, 2000, Markup Language for Graph Based Visualization Over the Internet, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Qiu Kun, Nestle USA, , 2000, Advisor: Robert Walker

  • Xiaodong Hu, 2000, Models and Tests of Load Balancing for Green's Function Monte Carlo, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell

  • Ramesh Rao, 2000, Performance Evaluation of Shuffleout Interconnection Networks, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Xiaolu Zhang, 2000, Database Management in a Distributed Environment, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter


  • Yang-ming Zhu, 1999, An Interactive Visualization Environment for Tensor Fields, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell

  • Kung-ming Liu, 1999, Composition of Kalman and Heuristic Tracking Algorithms for Air Traffic Control, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Hong Hoe Ong, 1999, High-Level Libraries for Distributed/Parallel Application Programming, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Thomas Lowery, 1999, The Design and Implementation of a Java-Based Network E-Mail Client, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein

  • Rohit Pasari, SoftwareAG, , 1999, Visualization and Reduction Enhancement Algorithms for Topological Similarity Analysis of Molecules, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Wen Li, 1999, The Use of Bezier Surface in Image Compression, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Valerian Anderson, 1999, A Distributed Architecture for Genome Comparison, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Weidong Bai, 1999, Text Retrieval in a PC Desk Top Relational Database System, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Changning Jiang, 1999, Integration of Web and Database, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Amrish Lal, 1999, A Search Engine for XML Documents, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker


  • Ramsey Ashmalla, 1998, Database Performance and Query Optimization, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein

  • Wei Wu, 1998, Experiments with Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Wing Fai Ng, 1998, Adaptive Integer Wavelet Transform for Lossless Image Coding, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Biao Chen, 1998, The Multidimensional Database Management Systems - A Comparative Studies between Pilot OLAP and Oracle OLAP, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Xiaoling Tu, 1998, Data Compression with Applications to Digital Elevation Methods, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Glenn Crist, Snap-on Business Solutions, 3900 Kinross Lakes Parkway, Richfield, OH, 44286, USA, 1998, A Foundation for Secure Distributed Scheduling, Advisor: Dr. Steve Chapin

  • Vernon Martin, 1998, A Forth Aided Language Support Environment, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein

  • Robert Trout, 1998, Automatic Vectorization of Recurrences, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher


  • Li Yang, 1997, A Simulated Client/Server Database System on a Single PC Platform, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher

  • Gongxiao Hu, 1997, Performance of ATM Network in Satellite Communication, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Beirne Konarski, FedEx Services, 80 FedEx Pkwy 1H, Collierville, TN, 38017, USA, 1997, A System Monitoring Tool for Networked Systems, Advisor: Dr. Steve Chapin

  • Padmanabhan Krishnan, 1997, Main Memory DBMS in SIMD Parallel Machines with RAID based I/O, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Robert Smith, 1997, A methodology and visual basic shell for process problem advising expert systems

  • David Mccune, 1997, Performance Evaluation of the MESSIAHS Distributed Scheduling System, Advisor: Dr. Steve Chapin

  • Wei-wen Yang, 1997, Data Compression with Applications to Computed Tomography Images, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Yujing Bai, 1997, Main Memory Database and its Infrastructure, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Donald Weiser, 1997, An Object-Oriented Event-Driven Simulation System for Multiple Access Protocols used in Satellite Communications, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Lu Qian, 1997, Complexity analysis of an air traffic control system using an associative processor


  • Jeffrey Bailey, 1996, A Distributed Scientific Visualization Environment, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell

  • Melissa Wagoner, 1996, A Case-Based Reasoning System Useful in Aiding Veterinary Diagnosis, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Jeffrey Childs, 1996, Homonymic Interpretation in the Adaptive Acquisition of Spoken Language, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Michael Stacey, Lexi-Comp, Inc., 1100 Terex Rd, Hudson, OH, 44236, USA, 1996, Object Oriented Analysys and Portable GUI Interface Design, Advisor: Paul Farrell

  • Stephen Ryan, 1996, A Heterogeneous Distributed Abstract Machine for the Execution of Logic Programs, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Dimitrios Katramatos, 1996, Heterogeneous Process Migration on a Massively Parallel Processor, Advisor: Dr. Steve Chapin

  • Nickolas Kotran, 1996, Printer Driver for a Dye Sublimation Printer, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Philip Henninge, Demand Technology Software, 909 SE 47th Terrace, Suite 201-1, Cape Coral, FL, 33904, USA, 1996, Secure File Transfer Within a Network of Heterogeneous Computers,

  • Advisor: Dr. Steve Chapin

  • Terrence Lyden, 1996, Masking the Complexity of Connectivity through the Front End Interface, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Jiahua Que, 1996, Data Compression by Using Dynamic Huffman Coding, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Jianzhong Gu, 1996, Visualization of the Liquid Crystal Optical Modeling Process in MS-Windows, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Paul Durand, 1996, An Improved Program for Topological Similarity Analysis of Molecules, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • James Stacey, 1996, Object Oriented Analysis and Design in GUI Component Library Design with Application Examples, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell

  • David Bisignani, 1996, A Distributed System Monitor, Advisor: Dr. Steve Chapin

  • Sonia Karkare, 1996, Secure e-mail Architecture Using PGP ("Pretty Good Privacy") for the Timken Company, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Bolu Li, 1996, An Object-oriented Simulator of Diffusion of Innovation in Social Organizations, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Hui Li, 1996, Automatic Form Recognition System, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Thomas Head, 1996, Implementation of a Parallel Production System, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker


  • Andre Scharkowski, 1995, A Design and Implementation of a Program Environment for the X Window System of UNIX., Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Yiting Mi, 1995, Skew Detection and Correction in Document Images, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Liwei Li, 1995, Performance Evaluation of ATM Switching Fabrics, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Madhavi Ghandikota, 1995, Implementing Abstract Instruction Set to Compile Logic Programs on Associative Computers, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Madhavi Ghandikota, 1995, Implementing data parallel abstract instruction set for logic programs on associative computer

  • Susan Bradley, 1995, Text Recognition on Engineering Drawings, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Chiranjeevi Kandikonda, 1995, Data Parallel Prolog Interpreter Using Associative Techniques, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Mary Esenwein, 1995, Parallel String Matching Algorithms Using Associative Computing and Mesh with Multiple Broadcast, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Prasad Lokam, 1995, Compiling Logic Programs to Incorporate Data Parallelism on Associative Supercomputers, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Xiaojiang Li, 1995, The Database Management Systems: A Comparative Evaluation Between Oracle and Unify/Accell DBMS'S, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Michael Scherger, Texas A&M University - Corpus Ch, 6300 Ocean Drive, Corpus Christi, TX, 78412, USA, 1995, Document Image Form Removal Methods for Binary Images with Emphasis on

  • Healthcare Claim Forms, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu


  • Ashish Agarwal, 1994, An Approach Towards Adaptive Routing Using Traffic Intensity Threshold Points, Advisor: Dr. Hassan Peyravi

  • Ligang Chen, 1994, A Dynamic Exploratory X-Window Based User Interface for Analysis of Network Flows, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Hasan Khan, 1994, The Effect of Caching on Perfect Shuffle Network, Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher

  • Robert Hall, 1994, Object-Oriented Parallel Programming in C++: The parC++ Library, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Wei Li, 1994, Relational and Object-Oriented Database Management System: Research, Implementation, and Comparison, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Majad Al-Hajery, 1994, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Mona Kotran, 1994, Dynamic Dump Debugger for ASC, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Dale Haverstock, 1994, An Assembler for the Staran, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Maher Atwah, 1994, Computing the Convex Hull on the Associative Model, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Nagarajan Selvaraj, 1994, Object Oriented Client/Server Application Development in the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), Advisor: Dr. Kenneth Batcher


  • Sridhar Kanneganti, 1993, Congestion in perfect shuffle, binary tree and cube connected cycle networks

  • Michael Collard, 1993, Solving Systems of Algebraic Equations Using U-Resultants, Advisor: Dr. Peter Hintenaus

  • Roger Miles, 1993, Parallel Algorithms for Global Optimization, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Rama Gundurao, 1993, The Object Based User Interface for Relational Database Management Systems, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein


  • Naveen Sharma, Xerox Corporation, , 1992, Automatic generation of parallel routines in finite element analysis

  • Sami Mkaddem, 1992, Some numerical aspects of linear least squares problems

  • Paul Stephan, 1992, Adaptive pruned tree-structured vector quantization for use in digital image compression

  • Jonathan Weibrecht, 1992, Parallel SIMD Algorithms and Implementations for the Traveling Salesperson Problem and the Assignment Problem, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Michael Cheselka, 1992, The Gabrinus thermal treatment scheduling system

  • Stephen Scott, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, One Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN, 37831, USA, 1992, Embedding the hypercube and shuffle-exchange into the 3-dimension mesh

  • Norhanim Omar, 1992, Implementation of Subband Coding, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu


  • Dilip Poduval, 1991, A Compile Time Identification Scheme for a Class of Vectorizable Numerical Domain in Logic Programs, Advisor: Dr. Arvind Bansal

  • Srinivas Rajogopalan, 1991, Associative Computing on the Connection Machine, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Loren Pfeiffer, 1991, A Default Theory Question Answerer Using Weak Model Elimination, Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Gregory Delozier, 1991, Adaptive edge detection in radiographic images using neural networks

  • Scott Rhine, 1991, Parallel Processing of Radiosity Methods in Computer Graphics, Advisor: Dr. Michael Rothstein

  • Manavalan Kesavan, 1991, Combining Discriminate Analysis for Multispectral Map Classification, Advisor: Dr. Jerry Potter

  • Douglas Lewis, 1991, Full screen user interface template application generation system


  • Brian Gray, 1990, POSIX Compliance of Some Versions of the UNIX Operating System, Advisor: Dr. Paul Farrell

  • Darryl Paden, 1990, Comparing a parallel approach for processing natural language

  • Sin-eng Liaw, 1990, Image Processing on Multiprocessors: A Performance Study, Advisor: Dr. Cheng Chang Lu

  • Eleanor Lin, 1990, A study on objective fidelity for progressive image transmission systems

  • Chao-jen Hsu, 1990, AutoInclude: a system for the automatic generation of include lines for C programs

  • Williams Carl, Comcast, 1701 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1990, Parallel Execution of Algorithms for Symbolic Computation, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Carl Williams, 1990, Parallel Execution of Algorithms for Symbolic Computation, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang

  • Dan Bennett, Edinboro University of PA, 214 Meadville St, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, 16444, 1990, A Mathematically oriented graphics package based on the X windowsystem, Advisor: Dr. Paul Wang


  • Kenneth Atchinson, Baldwin-Wallace College, 275 Eastland Rd, Berea, Oh, 44017, USA, 1989, Development of a portable parallel processor using SIMD architecture., Advisor: Dr. Johnnie Baker

  • Yongsik Park, 1989, The design and implementation of a context dependent file system

  • Sanjiva Weerawarana, WSO2, 444 Castro St Suite 816, Mountain View, CA, 94041, USA, 1989, GENCRAY: an automatic code generator for Cray Fortran, Advisor: Paul S. Wang

  • Julia Lee, 1989, The design and implementation of parallel SIMD algorithms for the traveling salesperson problem

  • Robert Futato, 1989, A study of parallel control algorithms for the Benes interconnection network

  • Kenneth Vincequerra, 1989, Design of multi-funcional lexical databases for computer-assisted translation workstations

  • Ashish Bhargava, 1989, A multi-user conversation facility on a UNIX based system

  • Thomas Wig, 1989, The design of a centralized file archive and retrieval system in a networked UNIX environment.

  • Andrew Miller, 1989, A parallel production system

  • Sirirat Viseshakul, 1989, Flight plan conflict detection and resolution in the parallel processor

  • Chokchai Leangsuksun, 1989, PC² : a parallel computing construct language extension for shared memory multiprocessors

  • Yong Shin, deCarta, 4 N 2nd St, San Jose, CA, 95113, U.S.A, 1989, Synthetic texturing - texture mapping and image generations


  • Rick Massie, 1988, Parallelism of a maximum clique algorithm : vectorization of the Cray X-MP of an application program for matching chemical struc

  • Thomas Leech, 1988, Supervised image classification

  • Steven Talus, 1988, Parallel approaches to the Zero-One Knapsack Problem

  • John Michalakes, National Center for Atmospheric, 3450 Mitchell Lane, Boulder, CO, 80301, USA, 1988, Staran-VAX interface under Berkeley UNIX,4.3 bsd, Advisor: Johnnie Baker

  • Joseph Lu, 1988, The design and implementation of the STAGE2 macro processor

  • Trevor Tan, 1988, Automatic generation of parallel programs

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